MySQL has become more than just "MySQL", we should make it easy to integrate all variants

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From some angles it appears MySQL as a project may have fractured. From another angle, it has diversified and gotten really strong in many aspects. We want to make sure users have access to the best of breed for the LAMP stack, which is still a powerful force in the server market and the cloud world, as well as for non-web workloads that demand the speed and flexibility that MySQL and its variants provide.

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Antonio Rosales
Ubuntu Server
Clint Byrum
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Accepted for precise
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Robbie Williamson
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Clint Byrum

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Status: MySQL 5.5 is in Debian experimental and precise. Transition is progressing with lots of FTBFS caused by the multiarch change.

Work Items:
[clint-fewbar] complete MySQL 5.5 packaging for Debian and Ubuntu: DONE
[clint-fewbar] submit MySQL 5.5 for upload to Debian: DONE
[clint-fewbar] Review existing packaging of Percona Server for Debian and Ubuntu: POSTPONED
[clint-fewbar] Review existing packaging of MariaDB for Debian and Ubuntu: POSTPONED
[clint-fewbar] investigate making it easy for percona/maria to replace mysql server in dependencies on mysql-server (provides: mysql-server should be all thats needed): DONE
[clint-fewbar] Run mysql test suite against percona/mariadb: POSTPONED
[clint-fewbar] get Percona Server sponsored into Debian: POSTPONED
[clint-fewbar] get MariaDB sponsored into Debian: POSTPONED
[clint-fewbar] review/sponsor xtrabackup packaging by Percona from natty cycle: POSTPONED
[cjwatson] promote mysql-5.5 to main: DONE
remove mysql-5.1: DONE
[clint-fewbar] mass rebuild all packages that build-depend on libmysqlclient-dev to pickup new client lib: DONE
[clint-fewbar] fix FTBFS caused by multiarch libraries to complete transition: DONE
[clint-fewbar] revamp mysql-5.5 copyright file to address archive admin rejection: DONE

= Discussion =

== Packaging ==
5.1 in Universe
 - provides safe upgrade path
5.5 in Main

== Ideas ==
- mysql-server depends on mysql_alternative_1 OR mysql_alternative_2 OR ... (requires alternatives to be in Main)
- unique source package for all alternatives
- parallel instalation of alternatives

Find a way to package and MariaDB!

- MySQL 5.5 into Debian and Oneiric Soon
- Change mysql-server to a virtual package which depends on mysql-server-5.5 | percona-server-5.5 | mariadb-server-5.5 ?
- Drizzle is probably enoug of a fork that it cannot be included in the 'mysql-server' depends
- libmysqlclient should come from upstream
- What about plugins like XtraBackup and Handlersocket?

= Comments =

* Dont forget to do rebuilds for the newer libmysqlclient16 to libmysqlclient17.


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