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We currently test Ubuntu Server ec2 AMI's at key milestones during the current development cycle; we should expand this todo daily testing of both the current development release and existing supported releases as well to provide assurance that Ubuntu Server cloud images are validated on ec2 and OpenStack.

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Dave Walker
Ubuntu Server
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James Page
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Robbie Williamson
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James Page

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Summary of Objectives for Precise

1) Daily Smoke Testing of Ubuntu AMI's
Triggered from cloud image query information.
Should cover all images.
Check that they boot.
Verify each AMI once only.

2) Daily AMI testing for the development release
Precise should implement daily image testing using basic smoke test to ensure that the AMI is always usable during the development cycle.

3) Daily Testing of Cloud Images
In addition to the published AMI's, we should implement testing of the generic cloud images on the following cloud platforms:
    Eucalyptus Community Cloud?
OpenStack - including KVM and LXC and Xen
    FreeCloud (NTT and RackSpace)?

4) Full Testing of Release Ubuntu Images
Automated testing will be built into the twice weekly image release publishing process and will cover:
  a) An initial smoke test
  b) Followed by full image testing
Testing will likely be implemented using Jenkins and published to jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com.

Full Notes from UDS-P session: http://pad.ubuntu.com/uds-p-servercloud-p-cloud-image-testing

Work items for precise-alpha-1:
[james-page] agree funding of daily AMI testing/cost modelling for justification: DONE
setup daily testing for current development release: DONE

Work items for precise-alpha-2:
[utlemming] update image promotion process to integrate with Jenkins automated testing: POSTPONED
update testing framework to make use of spare ec2 time: POSTPONED
investigate/implement automated reporting of test results to iso.qa.ubuntu.com: POSTPONED

Work items:
setup smoke testing of previous ubuntu release images: DONE
investigate options for testing ubuntu cloud images on freecloud/canonistack: POSTPONED
investigate options for testing ubuntu cloud images on eucalyptus: POSTPONED
[james blair] freecloud should get full arm servers and integrate: POSTPONED
consider test of arm disk images or arm partition images in LXC: POSTPONED


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