Enabling juju for ARM

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As part of the polishing process for ARM server, juju on ARM must be extended to support bare metal deployment, and properly tested on all ARM server platforms.

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Antonio Rosales
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Robbie Williamson


Is this using juju for direct deployment, or via Orchestra? -- Daviey

Via Orchestra. I think the main thing to test is juju because of it's reliance on java with zookeeper. We don't need to discuss anything, just test and fix bugs. -- Robbie

For juju to work on ARM, I am assuming that:

1. ARM hardware will support IPMI for power management
2. ARM hardware will support pxelinux emulation for boot
3. cobbler's existing IPMI support will work with ARM IPMI

The announcement of MAAS is exciting for the ARM Server story, as MAAS is exactly what ARM servers need! As MAAS will have replaced or enhanced cobbler and orchestra by the time ARM server hardware is generally available, it now makes more sense to work on MAAS on ARM directly. In line with the expected ARM server hardware delivery timetable, this is a task for Q, so I've postponed work items appropriately.

Work Items:
[racb] Investigate running an ARM-based juju environment †₁: DONE
[racb] Test juju/java/zookeeper on ARM †₁: DONE
[racb] Investigate running the juju provisioning agent on ARM †₁: DONE
[racb] Investigate running the juju machine agent on ARM †₁: DONE
[racb] Investigate juju and ARM on LXC: DONE
[racb] Validate juju using orchestra: POSTPONED
[racb] Validate cobbler enlistment works: POSTPONED
Validate IPMI on hardware: POSTPONED
[racb] Validate PXE booting via uboot: DONE
Investigate juju with qemu-system-arm for testing ‡₁: POSTPONED
Binary image deployment with PXE on ARM ‡₁: POSTPONED

†₁: seems to work in local environment, cannot fully test until juju fully working on ARM
‡₁: no longer relevant


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