Technical Improvements for testing Openstack on Ubuntu

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This blueprint covers the technical aspects of getting a test suite together that focuses on holistically testing an OpenStack on Ubuntu deployment. It will focus on the steps remaining to get a good first-round test suite to test the most common bits of OpenStack. The tests will be a mix of functional and stress type tests.

Currently, the tests are build around the standard Ubuntu test tool, Checkbox. It may be decided, however, that there are better tools out there (for instance, CloudCafe/OpenCafe, Tempest, etc) that can either be integrated into Checkbox or used as a replacement for Checkbox in this context. We have preliminary basic tests for Glance and Nova-Compute.

The goal for this is to have a fully functioning test suite that can be run on a deployed OpenStack on Ubuntu cloud. This will include expanding our existing tests and coming up with new ones based on what we discover regarding OpenStack Testing in the Cloud Industry. Also, we'll need to have properly written documentation outlining any configuration and testing steps necessary to use this tool and perform "cloud" testing.

To meet that goal, we need to discuss the expanded tests that could be applied holistically to a cloud deployment. Ideas include things like ways to create stress on Nova nodes, ways to test storage I/O (not focusing on Cinder, Ceph or Swift for now, the test should assume the bare minimum to deploy), and other tests such as user creation/deletion, image testing, and particularly, ways to test networking, be it Instance --> Internet or Instance --> Instance or Node --> Node.

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Work items:
As bladernr and spideyman we want to decide on the next round of cloud certification tests so we can test all cloud for great justice - M: TODO
As bladernr and spideyman, we want to turn the list of proposed new tests into user stories to implement them - S: TODO
As spideyman, I want to investigate using CloudCafe as a replacement for checkbox in cloud testing so I can easily provide a robust, scalable and cloud focused testing environment for cloud certification - M: DONE
As bladernr, I want the Server Self Testing Guide updated with the minimal bits of info necessary to perform cloud testing on an already established, live cloud deployment so I can give testers the instructions they need without the distraction of unnecessary extra info - L: TODO
As spideyman, I want a Cloud Self-Testing Guide to feature manual openstack testing instructions using the scripts merged into cloud-testing so I can improve the documentation we use to deploy and utilize the testing environment - XL: TODO
As some guy, I want to know which servers in the datacenter are not being used for cert or SRU testing, so I can build an Openstack deployment on metal for testing and development - S: TODO
As Cert Team, I want a full cloud cert test run performed on a real, live cloud deployment at an OEM so that we can get feedback on how the tests and documentation work in a real-world scenario - XL: TODO

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