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Review of the Ubuntu Server install experience, looking at what we do now and what we should change to provide a more unified bare metal/cloud experience and also better meet
the needs of our userbase. Look at supporting more complex configuraitons:
  * Partition a system across multiple disks at install, in a non interactive, automated manner
  * Ability to run Ubuntu only from SAN, ignoring all together local storage. This is the most seen configuration in blade servers environments.
  * Installer to support preserving LVM LV's when preseeding or kickstarting (this is mostly seen with migrations from other platforms such as debian/CentOS/SUSE)
  * Install Ubuntu with multi-path'd storage (install on multipath'd storage, no local disk)

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Robbie Williamson
Dave Walker
Ubuntu Server
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Accepted for oneiric
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milestone icon ubuntu-11.10-beta-1
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Dave Walker
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Dave Walker

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2011-04-30 cjwatson: Multipath is IIRC supposed to work already. Is there a bug report detailing the problems with
attempting to use it?

Work Items:
[davewalker] pare down steps to minimal Server install disk, dropping UEC: DONE
[davewalker] put what is needed to have a bootstrapping server and mirror: INPROGRESS
[davewalker] update automated ISO testing to align to minimal install use-cases: INPROGRESS
[davewalker] update ISO tracker to align to minimal install use-cases: DONE
[cjwatson] Add support to partition a system across multiple disks at install, in a non interactive, automated manner: POSTPONED
Support the ability to run Ubuntu only from SAN, ignoring altogether local storage: POSTPONED
[bdevouge] provide cjwatson with a preseed/kickstart file of 'what he wants to work': POSTPONED
[kirkland] Support kernel command option to run d-i inside of byobu/screen to allow for remote attach/detach, real time monitoring of IO (disk throughput, network bandwidth), system load, stats/notes about installation: POSTPONED
[martinbogo] send cjwatson details on OpenIPMI : Serial over LAN for console during install (device name may not be tty[S]0.ttyam0): POSTPONED
support network bonding -> POSTPONED
Support MTD partitioning for ARM server: Debian GSoC project from a year or two ago - should be possible to retrieve that and polish it up: POSTPONED
write a u-boot-installer udeb to support install of a bootloader other than GRUB (u-boot for ARM server): POSTPONED
verify consistent network device naming support works as required when the server is booted with biosdevname=1: POSTPONED


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