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Ensemble is ready for users to start hacking on formulas and the code. The best way to get it into users' hands is to add it, and all of its dependencies, to Ubuntu, and make sure they are tested going forward.

Blueprint information

Robbie Williamson
Clint Byrum
Series goal:
Accepted for oneiric
Milestone target:
milestone icon ubuntu-11.10
Started by
Robbie Williamson
Completed by
Robbie Williamson


Status: ensemble and its dependencies are in oneiric. Every week on Tuesday trunk is uploaded. txzookeeper and ensemble stalled getting into Debian. Zookeeper's health is quite good in Debian and Ubuntu now.

Work Items:
[clint-fewbar] Prepare txzookeeper packaging for upload to Ubuntu: DONE
[clint-fewbar] Get txzookeeper sponsored into Debian (no sponsors willing to upload): POSTPONED
[james-page] Upload latest zookeeper to Ubuntu: DONE
[james-page] Submit debdiff of latest zookeeper to Debian: DONE
[clint-fewbar] package snapshot or release txaws with fixes needed by ensemble: DONE
[clint-fewbar] Prepare ensemble package for upload to Ubuntu: DONE
[niemeyer] Ensemble Daily PPA: DONE

Work Items for ubuntu-11.10-beta-1:
[clint-fewbar] Setup automated ensemble test against Openstack: POSTPONED

Work Items for ubuntu-11.10-beta-2:
[clint-fewbar] Upload latest version of ensemble before release: DONE

== The road to main for ensemble ==

1. When do we want that to happen?

- 11.10 Ensemble in Universe, problem, ensemble is rapidly developing how to deal with updates.

Ensemble can't be "frozen" past a stable release. We need to deploy new features for the project to be successful.

Two possible approaches:

- Use a PPA (simpler, works well)
- Do SRUs every month or so (much more heavy weight, apparently unnecessary)

We'll probably be going with the second option.

2. What do we need to get done for this to happen?

Needed dependencies:

- txzookeeper (not packaged yet)
- txaws (must be upgraded)
- zookeeper (needs patches which were already pushed upstream)

3. Strategies for upgrading?

4. Etc.

Sample interaction with Ensemble:

$ ensemble bootstrap
# Creates some files in ~/.ensemble/
$ ensemble bootstrap
# Creates the first instance of Ensemble on EC2
$ ensemble deploy wordpress
$ ensemble deploy mysql
$ ensemble add-relation wordpress mysql

This requires AWS credentials in the environment.

The mysql instance can be reused across services.


 - [niemeyer] Ensemble Daily PPA.


 - Zookeeper Packages
 - python zookeeper
 - txaws package updates
 - ensemble package
 - principia package?

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Work Items

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