Ubuntu ARM Server release for 11.10

Registered by Victor Tuson Palau

Canonical will release and support an Ubuntu ARM Server Edition for 11.10 as a step towards a 12.04 LTS( 5 years support).

The Ubuntu ARM Server Edition quality assurance is expected to include generic load and stress testing appropriate for a server platform.

The aim is to achieve a high quality level under functional and load conditions for the identified use cases. This will be achieved by performing an equivalent level of testing to x86 server offerings, and then working with upstream projects to resolve as many issues as possible within the Ubuntu ARM Server project's time and resource constraints.

A suitable Hardware reference will need to be identified to base the 11.10 Ubuntu ARM release/builds.

Blueprint information

Robbie Williamson
Michael Casadevall
Ubuntu Server
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Accepted for oneiric
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milestone icon ubuntu-11.10
Started by
Michael Casadevall
Completed by
Dave Walker

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Work Items:
[adconrad] Create preinstalled ubuntu-server images by creatuing ubuntu-headless + server ship seed: DONE
[mcasadevall] Followup with ARM Server Project on Java situation: DONE
[mcasadevall] Review status of 64-bit atomics in gcc-4.6: DONE
[mcasadevall] Create wikipage/script of components in the server image: DONE
[mcasadevall] Coordinate with kernel team server-specific tuning options for kernel: DONE
[mcasadevall] Review server stack components for places where ARM-specific assembly would be useful for acceleration: POSTPONED

== Items to consider ==
1. Create an 11.10 installable image for Ubuntu ARM Server
2. Run standard QA on 11.10 Ubuntu ARM Server, including:
  - Functional testing of the key workloads
  - Public documentation of what is functional in the release
3. Validate & optimise Linux Containers (lxc) for Cortex A-9 Class processors.
4. Validate existing Linux Flash file system support.
5. support cluster setup/configuration
6. Support for OpenStack via lxc implementation
7. Support for Hadoop "one button cluster install"
8. Java for ARM server

=== Proposed key workloads for Ubuntu ARM server in 11.10 ===
Distributed Datastores - MySQL, Hadoop, HBase, Cassandra)
“LAMP” Web Server - apache & nginx http delivery, PHP, Perl,
MySQL, Postgresql - Caching,Memcache, Squid, Varnish
Backup Server - Rsync, bacula


Work Items

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