Server SRU Process

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The SRU (stable release updates) process for the server team needs tweaking. This discussion will be a brainstorming of what we can do better to improve the process.

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Jos Boumans
Mathias Gug
Chuck Short
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Accepted for maverick
Milestone target:
milestone icon maverick-alpha-3
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Chuck Short
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Mathias Gug

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[20100630]: New policy documented @

maverick-alpha-3: 1

Work items for maverick-alpha-2:
Refine weekly review email template: DONE
Write script to send list of nominations for packages related to the ubuntu-server team to ubuntu-server@: DONE
Write script to cleanup the nominations on a weekly basis: DONE
Write scripts to generate the list of bugs for each state and store their results in the SRU tracking DB: DONE
Write script to create SRU tracking page using the SRU tracking DB: DONE
Publish list of accepted bugs: DONE
Update Knowledge Base and Getting Started wiki pages to point to accepted bug list as an easy to get started: POSTPONED
Setup weekly review of the assigned bugs to make sure SRU are not stalled: DONE
[mathiaz] Update doc: outline what needs to be done to take the SRU to next stage: DONE

Work items for maverick-alpha-3:
Generate accepted bug lists to help getting people involved: DONE
Generate verification-needed bug lists (verification-needed) and update with links to help getting people involved: DONE
[mathiaz] Update ServerTeam wiki pages with reference to the new SRUPolicy wiki page: DONE

ttx review / 20100526:
 * Spec could use some polish :)
 * Should move "work items" from spec to whiteboard
 * About SRU tracking page, making the process apparent in that page would be great. I'll add an example in the spec discussion section
 * Still about SRU tracking page, not sure it's worth to track nominated/accepted bugs in that page, since it would add too much noise (but they should still be available in the DB or in a "complete" version of the tracking page)
 * Suggested assignees: zulcss / mathiaz
 * Estimated complexity: 4-5
 * Suggested priority: 1/High
 * Suggested Subcycle: Iteration 1 (Alpha2)

jib review 20100526:
 * Agreed with the above
 * please transform bullet list to WI tracker compatible format


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