Maverick Server Guide Updates

Registered by Adam Sommer

Discuss/confirm additions and updates to the Server Guide release for Ubuntu 10.10.

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Jos Boumans
Adam Sommer
Adam Sommer
Series goal:
Accepted for maverick
Milestone target:
milestone icon ubuntu-10.10
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Jos Boumans

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Reviewers: ttx + mathiaz

[davewalker] ubuntu-10.10: 1
[ttx] ubuntu-10.10: 1
[mathiaz] ubuntu-10.10: 1

(New Sections)
Work items:
Better document mail-stack integration: TODO
Upgrading from an EOL release: TODO
Instructions for virtio: TODO
Puppet integration: DONE
Clustering updates: TODO
OpenLDAP and network authentication sections: TODO
Review and update Windows Networking sections: TODO
Review and update UEC: TODO

Work items maverick-alpha-2:
[asommer] Possibly remove eBox section: DONE
[asommer] User Management and Console Security sections should be reviewed and removed if too dated: DONE
[asommer] Remove OpenNebula section: DONE

Work items ubuntu-10.10:
[davewalker] UEC updates and review: DONE
[ivoks] Additional clustering sections: TODO
[andreserl] Review, update, and possibly help with new clustering sections: TODO
[soren] vmbuilder updates: TODO
[jdstrand] ufw updates: POSTPONED
[ttx] Review Tomcat section: DONE
[ttx] New install tasks: DONE
[mathiaz] Help with new Puppet section: DONE

Assistance needed (please translate to work items for the beta iteration):
UEC updates - daviey
Probably with some of the clustering updates, or information on additional guides - roaksoax / ivoks
vmbuilder updates - soren
ufw updates - jdstrand
Maybe some input on the Tomcat secion - ttx
A heads up about new install tasks would be good - ttx
Should the OpenNebula section be dropped? - mostly unchanged since jaunty
May need help with proposed new Puppet section - mathiaz

ttx review / 20100526:
 * In order to assess how much this will impact the team, having a set of targets and outline where you'd need our help would be great
 * Could you turn the implementation details into a set of work items, following ? That would allow to assign specific subtasks to precise doc contributors as needed

mathiaz review / 20100526:
 * I'd suggest to list the section of the guide that need to be updated in this release cycle with a rough outline of what needs to be done.
 * I'd suggest to list new sections to be added to the server guide
 * I'd suggest to list sections to be deleted / merged.

 * Create headers for new sections even if they aren't written yet.
  * May help with new contributers.

 * Remove ubuntu-serverguide package.

 * List of top subjects that need to be documented.

 * Create more interest/buzz for contributing.
  * Make the process more appealing to developers.

 * Section on contributing to the Guide in the Server Guide.

 * Take a serious look at LaTeX.

 * Post release updates to documentation.

 * Look into server team owning h.u.c/serverguide or something similar.


Work Items