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Registered by Jonathan Riddell

Supporting Kolab groupware server in Maverick
This track would be let by the representative from Kolabsys (Paul Adams or Georg Greve)

- Kolab is 100% Free Software and Kolab Systems is keen to work with the Ubuntu Server teams in order to improve the integration of Kolab into Ubuntu Server
- Currently "groupware" is not one of the standard installation types when installing Ubuntu Server. Kolab Systems would like to help make this a reality for the Kolab Groupware Solution.

In this session Kolab Systems will introduce itself to the Ubuntu Server team and a plan for how the interested parties can work together will be drafted.

Blueprint information

Jos Boumans
Jonathan Riddell
Paul J. Adams
Series goal:
Accepted for maverick
Milestone target:
milestone icon maverick-alpha-3
Started by
Jos Boumans

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jib review / 20100526:
 * Is there any specific work or deliverable you are targeting?
 * Is there any support you require from the server team or wider community?
 * If so, please update the whiteboard with the relevant data

Note: Decided to focus on integration with dovecot in this cycle as it can be done with just adding a dovecot plugin - no dovecot patching required - and it's where we need to go in the long run. I think that the only other support that may be required is perhaps help on distro specific documentation.

Work items:
[adams-kolabsys] Get updated kolab packages in Debian: DONE
[adams-kolabsys] Provide cyrus-imap patches to ScottK: DONE
[adams-kolabsys] Provide information about dovecot-metadata-plugin for dovecot/kolab integration: DONE
[kitterman] Package dovecot-metadata-plugin: DONE
[kitterman] Review cyrus patches and integrate into Ubuntu cyrus package: POSTPONED
[kitterman] Review php5 patches and integrate into Ubuntu php5 package: DONE
[kitterman] Review uw-imap patches and integreate into the Ubuntu package: DONE
[adams-kolabsys] Provid kolab patches to use system cyrus-imapd, php5, and uw-imap and not an embedded copy: TODO
[adams-kolabsys] Provide kolab patches to work with dovecot: TODO

Note: Emailed Debian uw-imap maintainer about uw-imap patches, but haven't heard back. Kolab Systems is committed to getting all the third party patches upstreamed, if possible, so we shouldn't have to carry these indefinitely.


Work Items