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xc2 (extended ec2) provides an ease-of-use wrapper around ec2-api-tools and ec2-ami-tools, and possibly euca2ools. This would provide ubuntu specific function for launching and managing ec2 instances. Such things would include:
- config file based configuration (as opposed to environment)
- launching amis by names or aliases (ie: hardy-latest-i386)
- caching results
- provide 100% "workalike" in euca2ools. [bug 435140]

The aim is to simplify the setup as mentioned in

Obsolete: There are loads of better tools now that interact with aws. Not packaged in Ubuntu yet, but would be nice is .

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Jos Boumans
Scott Moser
Scott Moser
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Accepted for lucid
Not started
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milestone icon lucid-alpha-3
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Scott Moser

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Secondary Engineer: kirkland

ttx review (20091130) -- The spec needs more detail in what scripts the tools package should provide. I'd also add the resize-uec-image script to the set. Spec doc still contains lots of boilerplate.
| smoser[20091202] -- the spec has been updated with more info in the implementation. explicitly listing resize-uec-image.

jib review 2009-12-07 -- With many configurations being available in our AMIs, ubec2 should ideally determine cleverly which image to use. Think 32 vs 64bit, boot from EBS, etc.

jib review 2010-1-13: Smoser & Ttx to agree on relevant items for ubec2. xc2 is considered a nice to have for lucid at this point.

jib review 2010-02-24: Please update the beta2 deliverables to something more specific

on track, hope to have ubuntu-ec2-query and motd hook done wed.

Work items for lucid-alpha-3:
(sprint) discuss how best to add ubuntu function: DONE
add cloud-utils package, a place for uec and/or ec2 tools (bug 517696): DONE
add uec-resize-image to cloud-utils (as uec-resize-image): DONE
add register-uec-tarball (as uec-publish-tarball): DONE
MIR for cloud-utils (bug 518911): DONE
add published data of ec2 ami at DONE
add 'uec-query-build' command that would query above and package: DONE
add motd hook to run ubuntu-ec2-query and put in image: DONE
add run-instance-and-wait command: POSTPONED
add run-instance-and-connect command (or flag to above): POSTPONED
add tab completion to euca2ools: POSTPONED
add support for specifying '--key' flag to euca2ools via config: POSTPONED

Future work/targets of opportunity:
xc2 create package ubuntu-cloud-utils with xc2 from git: TODO
xc2 add euca2ools support: TODO
xc2 add simple command line completion: TODO
xc2 add cache support: TODO
xc2 add extended command line completion: TODO
cleanup ec2-publishing-tools: TODO
forward port ec2-publishing-tools to current ec2-api-tools: TODO
package relevant ec2-publishing-tools into ubuntu-cloud-utils: TODO
ubec2 suggest to upstream euca2ools library use outside of euca2ools: DONE
ubec2 finish ec2-currency spec, publish ec2 images data: TODO
write ubec2 basic command: TODO
ubec2 add config support : TODO
ubec2 add ssh key generation support : TODO
ubec2 add --release/--arch flags : TODO
ubec2 add ssh key support for --instance-count: TODO
ubec2 add launch and then connect command: TODO
package resize-ec2-tarball: TODO
resize-ec2-tarball support image not in a tarball: TODO
add --region such over euca2ools (bug 485113): TODO

- added info to on query interface


Work Items

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