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Since Lucid is LTS, a critical review of the current contents of the server CD is necessary, both to free some space on the CD and to reduce the number of packages we'll be maintaining for 5 years. Some packages are not necessary and might be abandoned. Some packages are brought up in main by recommends while they should just be suggested. Some very useful packages are missing and should be added !

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Jos Boumans
Mathias Gug
Mathias Gug
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Accepted for lucid
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milestone icon lucid-alpha-3
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Mathias Gug
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Mathias Gug

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ttx review (2009-11-27) -- I think we should also have a section to discuss abusive recommends that should be downgraded to Suggests, as it brings a lot of packages into main as well. That should generate one more "discussion" work item. I'd add two work items about generating lists for review (directly-seeded packages from server seeds, resulting additional packages in main (after [build]depends/recommends)), and one item about calling for proposals (before discussing them). Since this requires various checkpoints, a timeline in the Implementation section of the spec would be nice. [mathiaz - UPDATED]
mdz 2009-11-30: approved

zulcss 2009-12-11: oidentd was previously reviewed for a MIR and was not accepted because of a basically dead upstream.

zulcss 2009-12-15: *autofs investigation* I spent some time looking at this yesterday, it seems to be originally two branches stable (autofs4) and experimental (autofs5). Both autofs4 and autof5 seem to be feature complete but autofs seems to support more features (ie direct map). Also autofs5 seems to be updated a bit more (;a=summary). OpenSuse, RHEL, and fedora also seem to ship autofs5 by default. I have removed the experimental tag from the debian/control because its seems to me a bit of a misnomer.

Please use the discussion section of

On track. redhat-cluster-suite items moved to the Cluster strack spec.

Work items for lucid-alpha-2:
Ask IS what apache-openid packages they're refering to: DONE
Generate list of packages that are in main due to server seeds: DONE
Generate list of packages that are pulled in main by recommends only: DONE
Call for package proposal to be added to main and demoted to universe (ubuntu-server@): DONE
Discuss proposed universe demotions (ubuntu-devel@, ubuntu-server@): DONE
Discuss proposed main promotions (ubuntu-devel@, ubuntu-server@): DONE
Discuss proposed recommends downgrade (ubuntu-devel@, ubuntu-server@): DONE
Refactor supported-misc-servers seed file for better readability/documentation: DONE
File request for universe demotion for agreed packages: DONE
[zulcss] Write MIR and update package for main requirement for tdb-tools: DONE
[zulcss] Write MIR and update package for main requirement for acl: DONE
[zulcss] Add zip/unzip to ubuntu-standard: DONE
[zulcss] Investigate Autofs5 experimental status: DONE
[zulcss] Update Autofs to 4 to 5: DONE
Take lilo off the server CD, but leave it in main for Lucid: DONE

Work items for lucid-alpha-3:
[zulcss] Write MIR and update package for main requirement for ctdb: POSTPONED
Check that all universe demotion have been done: DONE
Investigate and fix why elinks is still kept in main: DONE
Investigate and fix why nis is still kept in main: DONE
Investigate and fix why kernel-package is still kept in main: DONE

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