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This blueprint has been superseded. See the newer blueprint "Cluster Stack in Maverick" for updated plans.

Even though Ubuntu offers couple of cluster stacks in its archives, ubuntu-ha team feels that we should define one or two stacks for high availability and load balancing clusters. In the open source world there's an intention on bringing most prominent cluster system more closer together, or in the end even merge them into one.

While this blueprints will keep track of decisions and actions taken by ubuntu-ha, we would also like to talk with other system administrators who deploy clustered systems (on Ubuntu or other Linux based systems) and explore their experience.

Blueprint information

Jos Boumans
Ante Karamatić
Registry Administrators
Series goal:
Accepted for lucid
Beta Available
Milestone target:
milestone icon ubuntu-10.10
Started by
Ante Karamatić
Completed by
Thierry Carrez

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Work items for maverick:
file FFe to upload new version of rhcs built with support for pacemaker: POSTPONED
demote cman, rgmanager: POSTPONED
file FFE for rhcs with pacemaker support: POSTPONED
test redhat-cluster-suite: POSTPONED
test redhat-cluster-suite+drbd: POSTPONED
Failover doc: Pacemaker+DRBD: POSTPONED
create cluster task for tasksel (FFE): POSTPONED
Inclusion of Docs into the Ubuntu Server Guide: POSTPONED

Work items accomplished in lucid
Work items for lucid-alpha-3:
[ivoks] package/merge latest pacemaker components: DONE
[ivoks] package/merge latest RHCS components: DONE
[ivoks] package/merge latest DRBD: DONE
[andreserl] package/merge latest keepalived (1.1.17-2): DONE
test pacemaker: DONE
test drbd: DONE
[andreserl] test keepalived+ipvsadm: DONE
test pacemaker+drbd: DONE
write MIRs for pacemaker components: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-10.04-beta-1:
[andreserl] test loadbalancing with keepalived: DONE
[andreserl] test loadbalancing with pacemaker/ipvsadm: DONE
[andreserl] Loadbalancing doc: keepalived/ipvsadm - NAT: DONE
[andreserl] Loadbalancing doc: pacemaker/ipvsadm - NAT: DONE
Failover doc: Pacemaker+DRBD: TODO

Work items for ubuntu-10.04-beta-2:
[andreserl] file FFe for cluster-glue, cluster-agents, heartbeat, pacemaker: DONE
upload DRBD 8.3.7 (waiting for FFE): DONE

Initial docs are in:

ivoks comment 2010-02-24: All MIRs filled

keepalived 1.1.17-2 has been merged from debian. Latest is 1.1.19 but, according to debian Maintainer, this new upstream release introduces several bugs that are yet to be fixed in next upstream release.

jib review 2009-12-18: This spec appears to reflect the longterm goals of the project; which items do you expect to target for lucid-alpha3? To be able to track progress on this blueprint, converting it to the workitem spec would be preferred: I would like to discuss this at the next server meeting at the 6th of January to make sure we are alligned.

jib review 2010-1-8: Re-targeted MIR for pacemaker and cluster stack task to alpha3 as they are considered features and should therefor land before Feature Freeze (Feb 16th). Anything after would require a feature freeze exception, which I can't guarantee will happen.

These are the excerpts from UDS session:

= Ubuntu Cluster Stack =

Discussed options:
 * Redhat Cluster Suite
 * Heartbeat
  * Going to die.
 * Pacemaker

Upstream status:
 * Movement to standardize on cluster between distros.

 * ubuntu-ha team to approach Debian team for a joint work on cluster stack
 * Create templates for cluster stack to make it easier to deploy
 * Management tool for setting up, and maintaining clusters

Goal for Karmic:
  * Focus on Pacemaker/OpenAIS setup as a future cluster stack and keep Redhat Cluster Suite until Pacemaker is ready.
  * Update RHCS to latest version and make it easier to setup
  * Documentation for RHCS/Pacemaker with DRBD.
   * HA Cluster
   * Add to Server Guide
 * OpenAIS
  * Will need a guide for migrating from RHCS to Pacemaker/OpenAIS.
 * Everything is in the archive, just needs some polish.

2009-11-12 mdz: RHCS is up for discussion in server-lucid-seeds

= UDS Lucid =

== Status ==

 * Stay with RHCS??
 * Pacemaker: Too unstable.
 * Heartbeat: Linbit is trying to push users to use Pacemaker + Heartbeat 3.0 to provide an update patch from Heartbeat 2.x

== ToDo ==

 * Be more active in upstream. Ubuntu users join upstream irc channel(#linux-cluster and #linux-ha) to ask for help.
 * Documentation, Documentation, Documentation
  * Would be a nice idea to also document software proxies (squid, ctdb for samba, pgpool, etc)
 * Track Linbit changes for Heartbeat 3.0 to provide and update path from Heartbeat 2.1.x to pacemaker + heartbeat 3.0.
 * What about LoadBalancing.
   * keepalived for software
     * If we use this one, we need to support bonding out of the box
     * update packages
   * ipvsadm
     * ipvs-adm for hardware base
 * Documentation
   * RHCS
   * keepalived - ipvsadm
   * Pacemaker
     - Corosync/OpenAIS
     - Heartbeat 3.0


Work Items