Provide simple PABX / VOIP capabilities with Asterisk

Registered by Jack Wasey

Provide a simple PBX and VoIP set-up out of the box in Ubuntu.

Today, the easiest way to have VoIP is to use Skype. Unfortunately, this is a proprietary software that has a lot of issues (closed protocol, chinese censorship, etc).

We need a turn-key VoIP server that is easy to install, configure, and use. Some points to cover are:
* A meta-package that installs everything
* A set of configuration files that can be used with minimal modifications, but that also contains examples.
* A GUI to make most tasks easy (adding users, voicemail, etc)
* Automatic hardware detection for some well-known telephony cards (Digium, Xorcom, Sangoma)
* A control panel for a receptionist
* Voice prompts for common languages. Asterisk currently has official English, French and Spanish prompts.

Blueprint information

Jos Boumans
Jean-Michel Dault
Needs approval
Jean-Michel Dault
Series goal:
Accepted for lucid
Beta Available
Milestone target:
milestone icon lucid-alpha-3
Started by
Jean-Michel Dault

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Core packages uploaded, needs testing from community

Work items for lucid-alpha-3:
Test asterisk-gui: DONE
Rebuild dahdi-linux with the latest version: DONE
Rebuild dahdi-tools with the latest version: DONE
Rebuild Asterisk with the latest version: DONE
Rebuild other packages with the latest versions: DONE
Identify packages for task and meta: DONE
Initial Testing (ppa based?): DONE
Review and upload core packages (asterisk, dahdi) in archive: DONE

Upload asterisk gui: POSTPONED
Upload extra sound files: POSTPONED
Upload flash operator panel: POSTPONED
Delta for asterisk-config with sane options: POSTPONED
Create tasksel in server for pbx install: POSTPONED
Create official ubuntu-pbx-server meta: POSTPONED

Work items for ubuntu-10.04-beta-1:
Asterisk Security + Bugfix releases: DONE
Further testing pre-release:DONE

[dyfet] 15-12-2009 The primary need I see for this blueprint to move forward is a primary contact person for it, which seems to have become lost over the period it has "wandered". This need not be a person deeply involved in the actual implementation, just someone that is knowledgeable about what is actively being done and can coordinate that with the blueprint tasks. If nobody else steps forward, I will be willing to take that role for this blueprint so that we do not loose this opportunity to have it completed in the Lucid cycle.

[dyfet] 10-12-2009 This blueprint, which was presented at UDS, feels like it has been neglected, and I think also slightly mis-targeted from the summary. I think what this is really about is having a server PBX install task, just like we have for example a server LAMP stack task, with the intent to offer a default configuration that makes it easy for anyone to both setup and deploy an Asterisk PBX server with Ubuntu. I would like to see this blueprint go forward for Lucid, I think it belongs properly in server, and I think it fills an important gap. Based on the UDS meeting, there is actually a short list of potential tasks needed for it, and I would be happy to add that to it if it helps to move this forward.

Re-integrating with Jean-Michel's notes, because it seems we edited at the same time :)

jib review 2009-12-18 I would like to see a drafter & assignee for this blueprint. I'd like to discuss this spec at our next server meeting on January 6th to make sure we are all aligned and can achieve this by alpha3. Blueprint metadate changed accordingly.

I believe this blueprint can be changed to review status. I also think this blueprint could easily be completed by Alpha 2 or 3, which would allow plenty of time for further testing before release, at least based on my interpretation of it as outlined by the task list I propose (dyfet). Alpha 2 is certainly possible if we choose to do initial testing as part of that alpha release.

[jmdault] 2010-01-13 Reorganize whiteboard to have tasks on top in the WorkItemsHowto format.

[jmdault] 2010-02-24 The core features are there, but we miss the integration. There are some security concerns with enabling the web interface, and it has been disabled for the moment. Feedback I received so far tell me to stick to the upstream version as close as possible and work on the long-term to convince Debian that we need an easy-to-use Asterisk.


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