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This blueprint has been superseded. See the newer blueprint "Ubuntu appliances defined" for updated plans.

Create a reference virtual appliance so we can show users features for UCE and EC2.

The work involves:
 * Describing the data model for defining virtual appliances on EC2
 * Implementing the frontend for deploying them (A special variant of Elasticfox).
 * Implementing a backend that can serve the virtual appliance descriptions to the frontend.
 * Extend ec2-init to allow for managing persistent storage.
 * Package the appliance software with a rich debconf based configuration wizard.

Blueprint information

Rick Clark
Soren Hansen
Needs approval
Soren Hansen
Series goal:
Good progress
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Started by
Soren Hansen
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Soren Hansen

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- create a reference appliance based on open-source software
Discussion Topics
 - What would be the best reference appliance be.
 - What needs to be packaged that is not already in the archive.
 - What kind of interface we should provide to manage the virtual machine.
 - What should be provided as a client


UDS Discussion

= Virtual Appliances =

 * Create virtual appliance to demonstrate the best of Open Source software.
  * A reference appliance displaying what can be done with Open Source.
  * Designed to be run on EC2.
  * Needs a Wow Effect.
  * Something that creates interest in cloud computing.
  * Easily deployable
  * Little or no configuration.

  * And serves as a referance on how to make a good appliance.
  * Demonstrate how to have persistance with a virtual appliance.

 * Want to be unique compared to previous appliance offerings.

 * Application Ideas:
  * Caching server
  * Something Web2.0-ish
  * Share Point like appliance.
  * Flikr type application.
  * CouchDB
   * Nice to write test reports.
  * Moodle
  * Instant Message server.
  * Plone -- Content Management
  * SETI@Home/Folding@Home
  * Alfresco
  * Amahi Home Server
   * Small Business application stack.
  * Lutece
   * Content Management and Document management.

 * Not practical because of conifguration
  * SugarCRM


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