Display Configuration Tool

Registered by Alberto Milone on 2008-11-18

A replacement for the deprecated displayconfig-gtk. This tool should include 2 different profiles: 1) a simplified (graphical) interface for Bulletproof X (to set driver, custom resolution and refresh rate, with no support for multiple screen layouts) based on X-Kit; 2) an advanced RandR 1.2 aware UI based on a common Python RandR API (so that it can be used with both GTK and QT4, etc.).

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Bryce Harrington
Alberto Milone
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Alberto Milone
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Declined for jaunty
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Started by
Alberto Milone on 2008-11-18
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Bryce Harrington on 2011-11-15


2008-11-18 tseliot: The RandR 1.2 API is almost complete. It is currently based on xcb-randr but xlib can also be used as an alternative.

2008-12-15 pitti: Setting Alberto as drafter, he already has an OO.o document with excellent notes; Bryce, would you review this? Thanks!

2008-12-15 rickspencer3: There was some discussion about the UI, especially the notion that perhaps the tool should use the existing UI. Also, the parent/child relationships seemed a little confusing, so we should consider getting some design help involved with created the visual part of the specification.

2008-12-17 bryce: I fleshed in the rationale section and a few other places. The design and testing sections need further fleshing out. There are several unresolved issues to be sorted; I added some further thoughts there. In general, I would also like to see this spec split into two phases - one for Jaunty, one for Jaunty+1, and the total effort split between them in some logical way.

2011-11-15 bryce: We ended up just using the GNOME tools for all of this. They didn't meet 100% of our requirements but such is life. As priorities permit we have investigated adding in missing bits to the existing tools, but other blueprints cover that.


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