Blocker bugs for releasing the spanish version of RTM

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Track bugs considered blockers for RTM14 by the QA team, related to spanish translations

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Víctor R. Ruiz
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The bugs will be reported to the ubuntu-translations project and tagged rtm14 qa-daily-testing:

To check:
- The app name is translated in Applications.
- When running the app, the displayed app name is also translated.
- Inside the app, there are no untranslated labels.
- Inside the app, all the labels are displayed correctly (no "new lines" or hidden text).

What to do:
- If you find a localization error, fill an bug report where appropiate (ubuntu-translations and/or the project itself).
- Add this tags to the bug report: touch rtm14
- Important: Link the bug report to this blueprint.

Known issues:

From David, re Phone translations and the RTM derived distro

Hi all,

With the RTM branching as a derivative distro in Launchpad, some work will be required to ensure that translators do their work at the right place (i.e. the RTM distro) and that those translations land in the images. Unfortunately, I'm leaving for vacation and will be offline until the 6th of September so I will not be able to coordinate any of these changes.

I know everyone is busy with their regular work and that it's crunch time with RTM. But I think with some cross-team collaboration it should not take much time to ensure the infrastructure is set up for translations as before the branching, and that the BQ images are well translated into Spanish and the rest of target languages.

I've put together some descriptions of what I think needs to be done to adapt translations to the new derived distro. If you possibly can, it'd would be awesome to have your help in these.

## Translations shipped in language packs

Translations need to be enabled in the derived distro. I believe wgrant mentioned the templates are copied over already and that last Friday he wanted to flick the switch and enable imports and make the translations visible.

This will also require setting a cron job for a (at least) weekly export and the language packs to be built and uploaded to the archive.

@William, do yo think you could take care of enabling translations for the derived distro and setting up the exports? Could you also confirm that message sharing between Ubuntu and this distro will work?
@Martin, would you be able to coordinate with wgrant to set up the language pack build schedule and set up the builds?

## Translations not shipped in language packs

There is a significant number of projects that don't ship their translations in language packs (either because their source packages have not been set up, or because they are preinstalled click packages - which don't support langpacks).

This includes unity8 and some other upstream projects, along with all system and core apps.

I'm not too sure what the plan for these is in terms of branching. That is, whether all upstream projects will have an RTM series set up or not. For core apps, we most probably won't, so there is no action to take for them. However, I've noticed that e.g. unity8 has an RTM branch already. If that is what's going to be used for the images, that series needs to be set up for translations too.

@Saviq, could you confirm whether unity8 is going to use that RTM series for the RTM images and if so, do you think you could set up the series for translations as described here [1]?
@Víctor, @Leo, as part of the RTM translations blueprint, do you think you could follow up with the project maintainers of these projects [2] to see if they're going to use an RTM series, and if so, ask them to set the series for translations as per [1]?

## Phone translation stats

I've been pointing translators to [3] to direct them to the projects that are part of the phone and to track their work and the status of translations.

Each one of the projects listed there can be configured to point to a particular series. Right now most of them point to trunk, but I could update them to point to the RTM branches if necessary. I can't promise I'll be able to during the holidays, but if I've got a list of projects that need their series to be updated to show the right stats, I might be able to update the configs in the stats admin.

@Víctor, @Leo, if you get the chance to do the above and you could send me a list of projects that need their series updated for the stats, I'll do my best to update the translations stats to point to them.

Thanks so much!




Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-14.09:
[wgrant] Enable translations for the derived distro and setting up the exports: DONE
[wgrant] Confirm that message sharing between Ubuntu and this distro will work: DONE
[wgrant] set up weekly full translation tarball exports: DONE
[pitti] set up weekly langpack build: DONE
[dpm] create stats for RTM (RT #74952): INPROGRESS
[saviq] Confirm whether unity8 is going to use that RTM series for the RTM images: DONE
[saviq] If so, set up the series for translations as described in DONE
Follow up with the project maintainers of the projects in to see if they're going to use an RTM series, and if so, ask them to set the series for translations as per TODO

Work items:
set up translations for RTM: DONE
Calendar [aacid]: DONE
Clock (i've been told there's a total rewrite in the works) [aacid]: DONE
Weather [vrruiz]: DONE
Calculator [vrruiz]: DONE
RSS Reader [vrruiz]: DONE
Music [vrruiz]: DONE
File Manager [vrruiz]: DONE
Terminal [elopio]: DONE
Sudoku [vrruiz]: DONE
Dropping Letters [vrruiz]: DONE
Reminders [vrruiz]: DONE
Gallery [vrruiz]: DONE
Camera [vrruiz]: DONE
Phone [vrruiz]: DONE
Notes [vrruiz]: DONE
Web Browser [vrruiz]: DONE
Media Player [vrruiz]: DONE
Address Book [vrruiz]: DONE
Facebook [vrruiz]: DONE
Gmail [vrruiz]: DONE
Twitter [vrruiz]: DONE
Google+ [vrruiz]: DONE
OSK [elopio]: DONE
System dialogs (e.glocation) . [aacid]: TODO
Dash [elopio]: DONE
Scopes: DONE
- Applications [vrruiz]: DONE
- My music: DONE
- My videos: DONE
- Ubuntu Store [vrruiz]: DONE
- online music [elopio]: DONE
- online videos [elopio]: DONE
- YouTube [vrruiz]: DONE
- Amazon [vrruiz]: DONE
- Yahoo Finance: DONE
- Wikipedia: DONE
- Reddit [vrruiz]: DONE
- eBay [vrruiz]: DONE
- 7digital [vrruiz]: DONE
Applications (check all the categories) [elopio]: DONE
Ubuntu Store [vrruiz]: DONE
Content hub [vrruiz]: DONE
Launcher [vrruiz]: DONE
Indicator - Transfers [vrruiz]: DONE
Indicator - Location [vrruiz]: DONE
Indicator - Network [vrruiz]: DONE
Indicator - Messages [vrruiz]: DONE
Indicator - Battery [vrruiz]: DONE
Indicator - Sound [vrruiz]: DONE
Indicator - Calendar [vrruiz]: DONE
Greeter [vrruiz]: DONE
Wizard [vrruiz]: DONE
System settings [elopio, vrruiz]: DONE
- Wifi: DONE
- Mobile data: DONE
- Bluetooth: DONE
- Background: DONE
- Sound: DONE
- Languages: DONE
- Accounts: DONE
- Notifications: DONE
- Battery: DONE
- Brigthness: DONE
- Phone: DONE
- Date & Time: DONE
- Security & Privacy: DONE
- Updates: DONE
- About: DONE
- Reset: DONE

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