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Gema Gomez
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phablet-test-run to use utah-client:
phablet-test-run is the tool that developers use to test on the phone ( It needs to run the test more closely to how utah runs them to remove variance between what developers are doing and what the image test is doing. The idea is to re-implement the tool such that it maintains the same interface and results reporting, but uses utah-client internally.


Work Items

Work items:
[cjohnston] DONE
[doanac] Make utah gather dmesg at the end of the run: DONE
[gema] Work on process on how to make test case base to grow: DONE
[gema] Figure out how to make the mir qa happen in a low impact way for the team: DONE
[fginther] Find out what hw we have for mir testing and what we need to buy: DONE
[fginther] Calibrate testing across the testing process: DONE
[gema] Talk to the team about ubuntu design bugs and how to get design involved: DONE
[gema] Talk to plars and doanac about /var/crash files on the phone (it has been enabled on touch images today): DONE
[gema] Discuss with plars and doanac a way to make the smoke jobs able to run on different devices if one of them is hung: DONE
[gema] Discuss how the lab needs to grow to allow for us to run smoke on different (configurable) devices if one fails and is suspected to be rogue: DONE
[gema] Check about thomi's hw: DONE
[gema] Figure out new name for PS QA (Upstream QA?): DONE
[gema] Figure out if there are crashes happening in passing tests on smoke: DONE
[gema] Figure out if we need to make the dashboard report if a job has had crashes, and use that as a metric to track quality as well (even when the tests pass, something may fail under autopilot): DONE
[doanac] Spec out phablet-test-run to reimplement internals with utah-client: DONE
[gema] Talk to team about renaming smoke to image testing: DONE

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