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This blueprint is created to as a way of tracking the work the Platform QA team is doing on the lab during the S cycle.

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- Additional incoming hardware
- Expand Power Testing
- Automating phone/tablet testing


Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-13.05:
[ricklfowler] Prepare Nexus 7 hardware for QA testing environment: INPROGRESS
[ricklfowler] Incorporate addition wireless access point into Chimay lab: DONE
[ricklfowler] Setup work bench for phone/tablet modifications: INPROGRESS
[ricklfowler] Add additional phones/tablets to the infrastructure for testing: DONE
[ricklfowler] Organize Magners and Chimay labs as new items are recieved: INPROGRESS
[ricklfowler] Add additional power supplies to HP MAAS/Landscape servers in 1SS: DONE
[ricklfowler] Redistribute power connectors at 1SS for redundancy following power feeder maintenance: DONE
[larry-e-works] Identify and order hardware required for "on hand" spare parts: DONE
[larry-e-works] Identify and order hardware to complete expansion into the Chimay space: DONE
[larry-e-works] Request an additional rack in 1SS for kernel team hardware that is inbound from Intel: DONE
[larry-e-works] Request additional power circuits in the Mangers lab: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.06:
[ricklfowler] Rack and setup Calxeda ARM servers in QA lab: TODO
[ricklfowler] Decommission Panda build farm once Calxeda server is online: TODO
[ricklfowler] Setup Cisco routers to replace routing functions of magners-orchestra and jiufeng: INPROGRESS
[ricklfowler] Replace defective RoseCity server and setup new one when received: DONE
[ricklfowler] Rack and setup Brickland server in 1SS: DONE
[larry-e-works] Prepare the RoseCity platforms to be VM hosting servers; coordinate with PS to move several of their VMs to each system: TODO
[larry-e-works] Build three new test platforms for jibel/didrocks: INPROGRESS
[larry-e-works] Build storage system for 1SS lab: INPROGRESS
[larry-e-works] Assist in migrating kernel team systems to1SS rack 4: DONE
[larry-e-works] Replace jiufeng's H200 RAID controller with the H700 RAID controller: DONE
[larry-e-works] Determine why m-o continues to shutdown and resolve: DONE
[larry-e-works] Add memory to m-o: DONE
[larry-e-works] Test jenkins operability with Oracle JDK: INPROGRESS

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