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In 12.04 we started to add tests to GNOME upstream (gvfs, preparing gnome-settings-daemon tests, etc.). Continue this initiative and discuss which components would benefit most from automatic test cases.

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Gema Gomez
Martin Pitt
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Accepted for raring
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milestone icon ubuntu-13.04-beta-1
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Martin Pitt
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Martin Pitt

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Options for jhbuild failure notifications:
- mailing individual maintainers about regressions might seem unfriendly, and sometimes you really need to make the corresponding change to other modules
- one big mailing list with all failures, and machine parseable headers for module/test
- compromise for daily testing until we have by-commit: email the modules maintainers from both the changed and the broken module

desrt is working on a "jhbuild to go" which outputs the resulting binaries in an OSTree-like fashion

pitti, 2013-01-18: Dropping "suspend on lid close" test for g-s-d, as this moved to logind.


Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-13.04-beta-1:
[pitti] Agree with gnome-settings-daemon upstream about how tests should look like: DONE
[pitti] Write gnome-settings-daemon power plugin tests (suspend after configured idle time, suspend after low-on-battery, handling of multiple batteries) : DONE
[pitti] Write gnome-settings-daemon keyboard plugin tests (multiple keyboard layouts, changing them in gsettings gets propagated to X, a configured compose key works, etc.): POSTPONED
[pitti] If we can mock/simulate monitors, write g-s-d xrandr plugin test cases for multipe monitor handling: POSTPONED
[pitti] Get the full gvfs test suite (gvfs-testbed) upstream: DONE
[pitti] Write a gvfs upstream test which reproduces an existing bug (#667641, #686798): DONE
[pitti] Extend gvfs upstream tests to cover the Gio API, not just the CLI programs: DONE
[pitti] Add gvfs upstream test to cover trash: DONE
[pitti] announce jhbuild @ jenkins.ubuntu to desktop-devel-list@, propose/discuss different notification modes: DONE
[pitti] write standard tool to run your program and iterate through all menu items / buttons, checking that it does not crash and changes some state: POSTPONED
[desrt] write standard tool to iterate through GActionGroup on the session D-BUS: POSTPONED
[desrt] get gcov macros into gnome-common: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.04-month-6:
[jibel] implement jhbuild failure notifications, subscriptions: DONE
[jibel] Allow the server to send notifications (RT60258): BLOCKED

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