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Registered by Gema Gomez on 2012-10-18

All the things we are doing but do not fit in any other bucket.

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Gema Gomez on 2012-10-18
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Gema Gomez on 2013-05-21

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Do some brainstorming on what things we should be doing in the background and discuss them / add them to the backlog.

Things to be discussed:
- Code strategy:
  * Where do we have it
  * Where do we put it going forward
  * What kind of code goes where
  * Who has permissions to do what


Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-13.04-beta-1:
[jibel] Provide simple script to provide autopkgtest VM for developers locally: DONE
[hggdh2] Add Kernel SRU testing on XEN: DONE
[pwlars] Add Power management tests from cking: DONE
[jibel] Enable jhbuild testing on ARM LP#1103405: POSTPONED
[jibel] Ask/get buy-in from Unity developers to use jhbuild locally: DONE
[jibel] Get unity-jhbuild into our jhbuild setup for commit-level upstream testing - Done as part of the daily landing of Unity and would be redundant: DONE
[pwlars] Investigate and create a blueprint for converting SRU tests to run under UTAH: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.04:
[jibel] Set up notifications of autopkgtest failures for the uploader and sponsor, similar to FTBFS mails, as this will be critical for landing packages into the archive: DONE
[jibel] Allow jiufeng to send notifications (RT #60651): BLOCKED
[javier.collado] Document tarmac setup for QA projects: POSTPONED
[jibel] autopkgtest - Add auto discovery of packages with tests in whitelisted PPAs: POSTPONED
[jibel] Enable autopkgtest on HW (Pandaboards) - Setup the boards in 1SS (panda01-04): DONE
[jibel] Enable autopkgtest on HW (Pandaboards) - Automate preparation of the testbed: DONE
[jibel] Enable autopkgtest on HW (Pandaboards) - Add ARM to the list of supported architectures and trigger the tests automatically from lillypilly.c.c: DONE