ubuntu-qa-tools: Improvements and Packaging

Registered by Max Brustkern

This session is intended to gather feedback from current users of the ubuntu-qa-tools code, including vm-tools and dl-ubuntu-test-iso. We would like to get the tools packaged for wider use, and ensure their continued maintenance.

Blueprint information

Pete Graner
Max Brustkern
Canonical Platform QA Team
Series goal:
Accepted for quantal
Milestone target:
milestone icon ubuntu-12.10
Started by
Gema Gomez
Completed by
Gema Gomez

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For anyone unable to attend, please add comments here before the session for discussion.

bdmurray - there are quite a few scripts and tools that are in the ubuntu-qa-tools bzr branch that don't need packaging or would be better off in a different package like lptools. We should determine the fate of these too.
micahg - ubuntu-qa-tools was removed from the archive since the tools changed too fast to be useful
jbicha - How about a nightly recipe PPA then? Confining the tools to a bzr repo seriously limits their use. I for one, stopped using them when they were kicked out of the Ubuntu archives. I think the dl-ubuntu-test-iso one was the only one I had been using at the time but I might learn how to use more if they were in the archives.
The download ISO script is a lot better than my current strategy of opening up the Zsync image wiki page and copying and pasting the URL into my terminal.

== Inventory of what's there ==
Types of tools:
bug responses
bug mailing list queries
needs-packaging bug modifier
foundations bug bot
bug reports (should use arsenal)
iso image tools
greasemonkey xml files
hugday tools
package-bug-guideline tool
sru report tools
security tools
virtual machine tools

Other code:
bug dashboard
qa dashboard

nuclearbob - vm-tools and dl-ubuntu-iso are now built in the UTAH stable and daily PPAs. I excluded vm-new-vmbuilder since it requires additional setup and vmbuilder isn't well maintained at this point. I can build them in another PPA if necessary.


Work Items

Work items:
[jdstrand] Clean security tools directory: DONE
[nuclearbob] Package iso image tools in the daily ppa: DONE
[brian-murray] move greasemonkey xml files and package-bug-guidelines to another branch: DONE
[brian-murray] remove unused code from the ubuntu-qa-tools branch: DONE
[brian-murray] remove editmoin aliases from the branch: DONE
[brian-murray] port bug reports in ubuntu-qa-tools to use arsenal: DONE
[nuclearbob] Include all vm-tools in daily package: DONE

Dependency tree

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