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Discussing communication strategies, interactions with sister communities and team organization, recruitment and recognition

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How can we improve our communication?
How well are the weekly QA meetings working?
Do we need other avenues (non-realtime?) to communicate?
Can we collaborate on testcase management?
Can we collaborate on common application testing?
Can we collaborate on common package testing?
installers, x, drivers, etc
Can we co-host the idea of "testing days"?
Other ideas
Other areas for colloboration
App Developers
Server/Dev Ops
Upstream developers
Other Platforms
Team Organization
Are we sharing resources for recruiting and retaining folks?
Example, many people use multiple flavors such as ubuntu and lubuntu, xubuntu and kubuntu, etc.
How are we recoginizing our contributors?
Release notes
Early access to new "stuff"; code, packages, hardware
Clasroom and Instruction
Is there a need/desire for more "how-to" sessions?
Is there a need/desire for mentoring?
Are we getting good coverage?
Other Needs / Ideas?

Notes from the session:
* Communication *
How to improve communication, how well are weekly meetings working, are there other ways to do it?
Currently we have the weekly meeting, which changed time during the past release, working better so far
QA mailing list also available
Flavour teams, Localized ISO testing

In ISO testing is important to report results even if they are repeated, the more results the better
- Is there a way to automatically submit results? Maybe talking to the ubiquity/alternate developers on how to do this would help (to be discussed on iso testing)

Send a distilled summary of what was discussed/agreed on the weekly meeting to the ubuntu-qa mailing after the meeting itself.

* Collaboration *
- Having a community based hardware database to be able to compare results based on hardware components (Ubuntu Friendly currenly covers entire systems)
- Maybe use the database to do targetted testing so if a fix is hardware related they can work together
- Ubuntu Friendly was done a cycle ago, but they didn't have the capacity to build a community around it, the site is there, the results tracker on launchpad. Maybe the community could own the site and the effort to take Ubuntu Friendly forward
- What does collaboration mean? There are QA teams on the flavours, they are doing some QA that we can try to reduce duplication
There are three kinds of testing:
1. Call for testing (something new has changed and we want to test it)
2. Cadence of testing (make sure that we have people with read hw in the community testing every day)
3. ISO testing (testing at milestones)

* Team Organisation *

People who do calls for testing
  - People who do targetted testing (hardware, localisation)
People who use the ISO tracker
  - People who do targetted testing (hardware, localisation)
People who do cadence testing
  - People who do targetted testing (hardware, localisation)
Test developers(?)

Running: ISO testing, checkbox tests
Let's organise in a way that people do not get burnt out
Give feedback to the people doing testing about how much they contributed

- How do we recognise the contributors? Trophies,

Sessions to add:
- Calls for testing
- QA Team Organisation


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