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This blueprint captures all the ongoing tasks that the Platform QA team is going to be doing during Q, set the focus for the coming 6 months in terms of QA ongoing activities, such as keep running test cases, triaging problems, etc.

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Pete Graner
Gema Gomez
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Gema Gomez
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Gema Gomez

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It was decided to use python and django for the dashboard, because they are widely used technologies in canonical (easy to maintain).


Work Items

Work items:
[gema] Review dashboard as it grows: DONE
[gema] Make sure the dashboard gets deployed in a public domain: DONE
[joetalbott] Add bootspeed testing to the dashboard: DONE
[joetalbott] Make the dashboard capable of gathering results from utah for smoke testing: DONE
[joetalbott] Make the dashboard capable of gathering results from utah for bootspeed testing: DONE
[jibel] Document who to talk to in case of failures on the daily builds, in the different development teams - DONE
[pwlars] Reorganise existing jobs in two different tabs, smoke testing (current iso testing) and regression testing: POSTPONED
[joetalbott] Decide what technology to use for the QA dashboard: DONE
[joetalbott] Have a first version of the dashboard (framework in place) and have smoke testing working as a first step: DONE
[gema] Design the LTS and Kernel SRU views for the Dashboard: DONE
[gema] Get jenkins results in shape to be able to export them to the dashboard: DONE
[gema] Provide a staging VM in the lab for dashboard development: DONE
[joetalbott] Create a project in launchpad for the dashboard: DONE
[gema] Get all the interested parties involved in the dashboard development: DONE
[gema] Get the QA team to update jenkins with bug information (LP:#123456) in the description, so that bugs can be linked to test runs in the dashboard: DONE
[jibel] Review of boot speed tests and give feedback to max: DONE
[nuclearbob] Fix the quantal bug reports to only show quantal: DONE
[nuclearbob] Fix the bootspeed testing report to show actual results, right now the reporting doesn't match the actual results for some reason: DONE
[pwlars] Change quantal-server minimal jobs to be regression testing, rather than smoke testing (this will need some discussion): POSTPONED
[joetalbott] Add Kernel SRU to the dashboard: DONE
[joetalbott] Add LTS testing to the dashboard: DONE