Automated testing of ec2 / uec images

Registered by Scott Moser

Our process for testing ec2 and UEC images is currently manual and thus error prone. We need an automated method for running test and capturing results for ec2. This should also be made to support uec.

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Marjo F. Mercado
Scott Moser
C de-Avillez
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Marjo: assigned to you for tasking within the QA team -- mdz
I (smoser) added the work items below, they can be trashed or improved on.

ttx review (20091130) -- The remaining questions in 7.1 should probably be addressed before this spec is approved.
Assigned to apulido (20091202) in the QA Team
Postponed for M release consideration.

(not started)

Work items:
[smoser] get credentials for UEC cloud that can be used from nectarine: POSTPONED
[smoser] get daily builds published to a UEC cloud: POSTPONED
acquire account credentials for an ec2 account to run tests with: TODO
acquire system to launch instances from: TODO
develop ability to poll for new images on ec2 and UEC: TODO
develop infrastructure to launch test instances: TODO
add to infrastructure ability to launch tests inside instances via user-data: TODO
Test initial boot and network connectivity: TODO
Test that the instance can be reached by ssh: TODO
Check fingerprints in console log (ec2-get-console-output): TODO
Check fingerprints on ssh: TODO
Check fingerprints in syslog: TODO
Test that mount points are correct: TODO
Test that # /etc/apt/sources.list are correct: TODO
Test that $LANG is correct: TODO
Test timezone is correct: TODO
Test that kernel is correct: TODO
Test that the correct modules are loaded: TODO
Test that ubuntu user exists: TODO
Test that root account locked: TODO
Test that ubuntu user can sudo without password: TODO
Test taht ssh keys are correct in /root/.ssh/authorized_keys and /home/ubuntu/.ssh/authorized_keys: TODO
Test root user gets the message that they can't ssh in: TODO
Test ec2-currency: TODO
Test that boot hooks are generally functional: TODO
Test each of the config options that we support: TODO
Test that user-data is ignored if it doesn't start with #!: TODO
Test that user-data is run on first boot if it does start with #!: TODO
Test that user-data is not run on reboot: TODO
Test that user-data sends output to console log for debugging: TODO
Test rebundle of images: TODO


Work Items