Automated testing of KVM

Registered by Soren Hansen

We should define a stack of functionality and performance tests and run them for every new revision of kvm.

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Marjo F. Mercado
Dustin Kirkland 
Ara Pulido
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Status: 12 February 2010
According to Ara's assessment, the work associated with this blueprint is not worth the effort required. The Automated Server testing blueprint [1] covers the most important parts of it. This blueprint will be reviewed during UDS-M for further consideration.
Work items:
 * identify Canonical QA test resource: TODO
 * identify Canonical lab hardware that can perform this testing: TODO
 * instrument checkbox to test kvm using kvm-autotest: TODO
 * trigger kvm-autotest to run automatically on a daily basis: TODO
 * Canonical QA to review automatically generated results and file appropriate bugs: TODO
 * create kvm-autotest step files to test Ubuntu as a kvm guest: TODO
 * enhance kvm-autotest functional test coverage: TODO
 * instrument checkbox to test libvirt using security team's libvirt tests: TODO
 * trigger libvirt tests to run automatically either daily, or per upload: TODO
 * test guest Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server: TODO
 * test guest Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop: TODO
 * test guest Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server: TODO
 * test guest Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Desktop: TODO
 * test guest Debian 5.0: TODO
 * test guest Fedora 12: TODO
 * test guest CentOS 5: TODO
 * test guest OpenSUSE 11.2: TODO
 * test guest Windows XP: TODO
 * test guest Windows Vista: TODO
 * test guest Windows 7: TODO
 * test network performance: TODO
 * test cpu performance: TODO
 * test mem performance: TODO
 * test disk performance: TODO
 * enhance certification suites to treat KVM as a native, certifiable hardware platform: TODO
 * contribute step files upstream: TODO
 * contribute functional test enhancements upstream: TODO
 * publish results in a web viewable format: TODO


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