Prompt the user when they are due to check their filesystem, carry out fsck on shutdown.

Registered by Jonathan Musther

AutoFsck is a script which simplifies - and removes the hassle of - periodic filesystem checks.

Basically, AutoFsck takes the periodic 'just-in-case' fsck (every 30 boots or so) from boot and moves it to shutdown (giving the user the option to run it at the current shutdown, or postpone it).

AutoFsck is already fully functional:
A script is run when the user ends his/her session, it checks if the partitions need checking (using tune2fs) and if they do, prompts the user, if the user agrees to check their disks, it is done and the machine halted, if they don't, /fastboot is created to ensure they are not checked on the next boot. The use will then be prompted after their next session.

See the wiki page for full details and script downloads.


AutoFsck exists as a script, it is fully functional but needs code review and very probably modification.

 -- it received extensive technical review over a year ago, there has been no further activity to resolve the issues highlighted

Any discussion on how to move forwards with this is disparately encouraged.

 -- the review posted to ubuntu-devel should be dug out
 -- Review available here: -> not usable on RAID/LVM/DM

This is not a good procedure in a multiboot system. - pitwalker

Autofsck is not a good procedure at all, it's very hacky and potentially buggy, but I'm not a programmer and not capable of doing any better, somebody capable is needed to tackle the issue. - Jonathan Musther


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