Indicator Messages for N Cycle

Registered by Ted Gould

Work needed on indicator-messages for the N Cycle.


[Copied from Gobby document: packageselection-dx-n-indicator-messages]

 * Discuss proposed changes

== Messaging menu discussion ==

1. Have a menuitem in the menu to clear the envelope

2. Want to change the color of the running-app triangle

3. Want to add the concept of default application for a protocol/domain and bind that to

 * plan to use what gnome supports
 * check infrastructure changes (gtk3)
 * may require a UI change that mpt may propose

4. Fix the bug where the counter where not rendered propertly depending on their types (counters vs time)

5. Putting the counters as a label in the panel (the sum)
 * no UI requirement to enforce a "no-jiggle" default, so the indicator may move a bit when transitioning to multiple

== Me menu discussion ==

Top-3 bugs:
 * character counter
 * network selector
 * conf. option for displaying either the login name or the fullname

Work items:
[ted] Work out what work items need doing here: TODO


Work Items

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