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Blueprint hosting change proposals for the indicator framework (libindicator and the indicator / service model)

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Ted Gould
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Updated build of libindicator to do GTK2/3: DONE
Make builds of indicators do GTK2/3: POSTPONED
GDBus port of libindicator: DONE
GDBus port of indicator-application: DONE
GDBus port of indicator-appmenu: DONE
GDBus port of indicator-datetime: DONE
GDBus port of indicator-messages: DONE
GDBus port of indicator-me: DONE
GDBus port of indicator-sound: DONE
GDBus port of indicator-session: DONE

[Copied from Gobby document: packageselection-dx-n-indicator-framework]

 * issues or improvements we'd like to make to the framework
 * discuss changes proposed for the indicator framework
 * gather feedback from developers and the community

Q & A

Port to GTK3?
 * yes
 * we plan to switch indicators (system ones) with a "flag day" as we maintain most of them anyway

gdbus port
 * we're going for it
 * packages have already been patched (thanks mterry) to build with api warning flags
 * there is an issue with mouse/keyboard grabs that are used by ido but not exposed by gtk3; upstream has a patch in his review queue; we may have to distro patch for natty

Application Launchers
 * they are now shared in libindicator

 * adding a helper script to remove entries from category indicators (sound, messaging for example)

gnome-panel is going to be gtk3, so indicators have to move to gtk3

But upstreams plans to have a gtk3.2 release around january/february
=> we should do the glib/gdbus transition first, and let gtk3 stabilize a bit before doing more of the gtk3 port

== Test framework ==
 * in indicator tools, there is a tool called indicator-loader
 * we plan to extend it to support more test cases and ease the integration with mago
 * there is a package for developers *only* to help with debugging indicators
 * adding timestamps printout to do performance testing

 * dbus-test-runner is another tool that helps test indicators, do to full integration testing, by managing both parts of the service + indicator system

== Development Plan ==
 * A1: provide the QA team with the
 * A2: gdbus version of indicators
 * A2: gtk3 switch of indicators


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