Indicator Application N cycle

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What do we need to get done for the N cycle with indicator-application? Oh, those bugs should be attached here.


[Copied from Gobby document: ]

== Discussion Notes ==

 * Review of the bugs
   - technical changes / fixes
 * signal when the menu is shown/hidden
 * scroll events will be supported as well

Dynamic icons
* we want to require that they be symbolic icons, in order to preserve the consistency of the panel
* problem: 16x16 is required for symbolic icons
* libappindicator (or another related library) could provide an helper to help application developers; would also do the image processing to ensure consistency

Other technical changes: gdbus, gtk3, and other captured in bug reports attached to the blueprint

Issue with the fallback mechnanism (using systray) being triggered where it should not: startup, crashes, etc.
 * there is a nasty race condition that is really hard to reproduce
 * ted thinks he fixed the issue, but would like to get more testing
 * proposing to land the fix as an SRU for Maverick

Proposal to use the running-triangle indicator in the window menu

Discussion on the "service" vs "normal" application
 * questions on which applications qualify as "service" applications (like RB)
 * how to let the user know about this distinction and prevent the confusion
 * think about the difference UI elements that are part of this experience (and also part of the confusion):
   * close button (red cross)
   * application menu on the panel
   * application launchers in the menu (sound, messaging), with the running triangle
   * icons on the launcher bar (unity), with the running triangle
   * launcher quicklist items related to the "service" nature of the application

Proposal: have a close button with a different color / shape / behavior to give hint to the user that this application is different.

== Q & A ==


Follow-up on the confusion with the exit vs close menu options

Ability for an application to display a custom icon on the panel, ie an icon that is not part of the system theme, but installed in an application specific path)?
ted: it's supported right now, the developer needs to provide

Work items:
[ted] Land the race condition fix as an SRU for Maverick
Write a helper for dynamic icons and image processing for symbolic icons in libappindicator: TODO
Submit a patch that would remove the 16x16 limitation for symbolic icons (would require an rsvg patch in particular): TODO
[mpt] Write guidelines on closing vs. quitting "service" applications (e.g. Rhythmbox): TODO


Work Items

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