Thunderbird in the messaging indicator

Registered by Chris Coulson

Thunderbird is currently lacking messaging indicator integration. We should provide integration with the messaging indicator by default

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Martin Pitt
Chris Coulson
Needs approval
Chris Coulson
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Accepted for natty
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Started by
Chris Coulson
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Chris Coulson

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1) Indicator applet should show/open the program (Currently users keep a "Set up mail" entry unless they setup/remove evolution)
2) Thunderbird should synchronize lightning calendar (if installed) with the gnome clock/calendar applet

* BAMF to see if program is running

* Need to see if there's a trademark is with "Mail" name for indicator

.desktop - static menus
 - blacklist for Global Menu
appindicator - dynamic menus

Xul to indicator conduit

Messaging Menu integration preferences
* Ability to Disable
* Able to select which mailboxes are displayed

* Cluster Notifications (note that a notification can append)

Possible Lists
* Last 10 messages
* 1 msg/mailbox

Evolution current messaging menu:
* Compose New Message
* Address Book
* Mailboxes up to 7

sabdfl suggests being able to display the green light in the indicator when certain messages are tagged with certain tags

Extension to mirror lightning calendar to e-d-s: There are some caveats with this - it supports one-way sync only (lightning -> eds). Need to review the quality of the extension before deciding if we want to support this in the archive

Work items:
[chrisccoulson] write messaging menu extension: DONE
[jorge] mail to tb-planning about indicator integration (tbird's set up a google group- DONE
[chrisccoulson] discuss with Mozilla about global menu: DONE
[chrisccoulson] Integrate Firefox and Thunderbird with the global menu: DONE
[chrisccoulson] Investigate Lightning integration w/evolution data stores: DONE
[chrisccoulson] Enable Breakpad for the official Thunderbird builds: DONE

pitti, 2011-02-18: being worked on by upstream (m_conley), too late for FF, moving to 11.10

jonathanharker 2011-02-22: are folks aware of an existing TB addon - I've been using it for several months now, works well. May not cover all required options above but could serve as a starting point?

Should work in Eudora OSE:


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