Bringing the Ubuntu Desktop and Netbook favors closer

Registered by Didier Roche-Tolomelli

I have the feeling that maintaining an UNE and a Desktop image is a lot of duplicated efforts (ISO testing, seeds maintenance) without a lot of gain. Indeed, the set of differences are really small and both are installable in parrallel. The user can choose the session on login which switch to a mode or another. In addition to that, we should note that the Desktop and UNE image are really close package-wise (just some settings and some application selection differs).

This situation even brings some drawbacks like people not really making the difference and don't know if they should install ubuntu netbook or ubuntu desktop on their computer.

This discussion aims at seeing what we can imagine to file this gap.

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Martin Pitt
Didier Roche-Tolomelli
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Didier Roche-Tolomelli
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Accepted for natty
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With unity on the desktop now, there is no real need to have an extra Netbook respin. The difference between the CD are small enough and the work to merge them will be compensate by less testing and such. Each application should choose then if they should in a netbook or desktop mode, as unity.

Work items (natty-alpha-1):
Bring what need to be added to the desktop seed (unity and such): DONE
Handling upgrade (desktop -> desktop, UNE -> desktop) so that there is only one session and people to be directed to the right one: DONE
Change the set of default icons in the panel: DONE
Ask/track removal of UNE seed, metapackage and image building and handle !armel case: DONE

Work items (natty-alpha-2):
Change evolution to get the express icons by default (not good enough yet): DROPPED

Banshee WI are tracked in a different blueprint

Note from the session:

We can even, detecting automatically what we should launch (based on screen size?), still enabling the user to override that decision. Also, this infers that we should get the same application set, like banshee on both or stick with rhythmbox because of CD space.

* not a lot of change between the editions:
∘ barely brasero/cheese
∘ right langpackage list (French on UNE) :)
-> Take cheese out because of some slowiness experienced this cycle.
-> keep brasero

One CD to rule them all!

* when to do the detection ?
-> detection on screen size
Can be done on soft by soft basis.

if banshee by default -> default to the desktop interface

run evo express on the desktop and document how to run the "normal ui".

* The main difference between the netbook and the desktop will be consequently maximized/unmaxized applications by default. When an application is maximized, the buttons will be in the panel for both.

* set of applications by default in the launcher:
  - nautilus on both cases
  - firefox
  - ubuntu one
  - tomboy

* SoundMenu should show banshee or rhythmbox once installed, not after first registration as of today.
-> banshee icon in the soundmenu.
-> install the banshee soundmenu integration by default.

• We can maybe remove the seed? metapackage? One CD
  ∘ armel

• Transition handling (UNE/Destkop, gdm session)

pitti, 2010-11-03:
 - why should there be only one session after the upgrade? we still want to offer unity vs. classical GNOME?
 - Please find a person for "armel team", or at least supply a valid launchpad team
 - Please explain "set of default panel icons"
 - Add WI for documenting evo changes

didrocks, 2010-11-03:
- the one session is for {UNE, desktop} -> new default. The other session is discussed in
- done
- set of default panel icons is explained in the session note "set of applications by default in the launcher"
- the WI is already there, isn't it? "Change evolution to get the express icons by default: TODO"


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