Desktop Applications Selection for Natty

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Discussion for the application selection in the natty cycle

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Natty application selection

* default music player
- banshee would be the preferred option for this cycle
- cd space is an issue though, we can mitigate by installing things when options are activated
- things to fix: upnp support, music store needs some work (codec installation, ...), exit when closing and not playing, multiple libraries for the music store, playlist support for the sound indicator
- indicator sound applet - if banshee is the default can it replace rhythmbox ?
- default to use banshee to play music
- Put up for consideraton was including the GStreamer Fluendo mp3 codecs
        + Needs some investigation

photo manager:
-> stay on shotwell

email client:
- thunderbird has been suggested but it still misses calendar, contact, integration with appmenu and messaging menu -> not for this cycle

video player:
- Totem

web browser:
- Chromium needs integration, translation is not ready, also security issue (please file bugs for wanted tasks - tag UDS)
-> firefox 4

oneconf -> small and useful, let's use it

drop gnome-dictionnary

tsclient, vinagre:
- can we go with vinagre if they get rdp support
- if not can we replace tsclient?

- sudoku, mahjongg, aisleriot to stay
- review the software center ratings to pick featured games

libre office if we are ready for that

nautilus elementary
- rejected because of patches considered hacks

Banshee bugs"
- Make sure bugs filed in Banshee are TAGGED right so upstream knows to look at them!

Work items for natty-alpha-1:
[robert-ancell] change the seed to not install gnome-dictonnary: DONE
[jorge] review of the plugins shipped by default for alpha1 with debian maintainers and upstream: DONE
[laney] review of the plugins shipped by default for alpha1 with debian maintainers and upstream: DONE
[didrocks] Ensure all bugs needed to be fixed are filed with banshee upstream with the proper tags.: DONE
[didrocks] File the File->Quit and File->Close bug: DONE
[ubuntu-cli-mono-dev] Space analysis of how we're going to get it to fit on the CD: POSTPONED
[robert-ancell] review replacing tsclient: DONE
[robert-ancell] write remmina mir: DONE

Work items for natty-alpha-2:
[ubuntu-cli-mono-dev] Space analysis of how we're going to get it to fit on the CD: DONE
[conor] Ensure Banshee branding is preserved in the Sound menu via existing icon (greyscale): DONE
[conor] Ensure playlist support works with Banshee in the SoundMenu (Playlists will be part of indicator-sound release 0.5.4, Bertrand has done their side of the work and it will be included in Banshee's Jan 12th release): DONE
[didrocks] change the seed to have Banshee by default: DONE

Work items for natty-alpha-3:
[jorge] talk to libre office people about their plans: DONE
[bertrand-lorentz] Ensure close/quit actions are consistant with the rest of the desktop: DONE

Work Items for ubuntu-11.04-beta-1:
[jorge] try to get contributors to help getting nautilus elementary changes upstream by adressing concerns (they forked instead, oh well): DONE
[ubuntu-cli-mono-dev] Investigate what we need in mono to make apport tracebacks useful (talk to pitti): POSTPONED
[jorge] Testing the rhythmbox->banshee importer for every field, ratings, score, etc. etc. (In good shape upstream, Pedro's going to write a testcase for QA): DONE
[conor] Ensure "Music Player" entry is correct: DONE
[robert-ancell] replace tsclient with remmina in the seed: POSTPONED

Work items:
[conor] review the rhythmbox to banshee difference and make sure upgrade is ok: INPROGRESS
[alexlauni] Ensure video source is decent, and if not, perhaps disable it until we have something nice: POSTPONED
[mdz] to follow up on the fluendo codecs installation question: DONE
[charlinepoirier] discuss user testing of app selection for 11.10: DONE
[jorge] Rally community testing around uPNP plugin (we should do this at the desktop level, let's investigate rygel for N+1): POSTPONED

-- didrocks 113010:
seems that banshee MIR won't get review in time for inclusion for A1, putting the seed change task for A2.

space analysis for banshee:
we've done what we can without removing any features, saving about 10.7 meg compared to Maverick, with a further 4.8 meg absorbed by the move of Banshee's i18n into language-pack-foo packages. Any further reductions would be minor snipping away of the extensions. By my maths, we're within a meg or two of Rhythmbox, taking the i18n thing into account.

-- didrocks 110225:
will tackle the task over a week-end, not possible during the week.

-- bertrand-lorentz 110225
The close/quit actions in Banshee were changed a while back :
Please file bugs if the current behavior is not correct

-- robert-ancell 110307

Delaying the tsclient replacement unil Ubuntu O. It is blocked by a security concern in freerdp (Bug #673925).

pitti, 2011-03-16: Replaced whiteboard work item with proper bug links


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