Ubuntu One file sharing, sync status, and UDF selection

Registered by Joshua Hoover

File sharing
 * Shared folders should notify the user on the desktop (in place of, or in addition to the share notification email)
 * Sharing folders needs to be updated to align with the UX spec
 * User should be allowed to reject a folder someone has shared with them and be able to remove that share without resorting to u1sdtool in a terminal session

Sync status
Use indicators to notify the user of interesting sync events, which might include:
 * file sync summarized
 * quota notifications
 * couchdb replication summarized
 * Tomboy replication
 * Music store transactions (files synced with client)
 * Account status (payments, etc.)
All these notifications should be put into Zeitgeist.

UDF selection
When a user selects a folder (a UDF) to synchronize with Ubuntu One, they don't always want that folder to sync to all their connected devices. An example would be a user who has selected to sync her ~/Music folder on her laptop but does not want that folder to automatically sync with her netbook, which has far less local storage.
 * Add support in the control panel to subscribe and unsubscribe UDFs
 * Change syncdaemon so UDFs default to not subscribe
 * Use indicator/messaging to ask user if they want to subscribe to a new UDF

Blueprint information

John Lenton
Joshua Hoover
Needs approval
Natalia Bidart
Series goal:
Accepted for natty
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Started by
Joshua Hoover
Completed by
Joshua Hoover

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= Notifications =

[alecu, thisfred]

Ubuntu One button in the launcher: notifications that something has happened (a
share has arrived and needs accepting, etc) will go into the Messaging Menu. The
MM API is changing -- libindicate is changing and there will be a new API; the
existing API will be deprecated. Talk to Ted Gould about how it's changing.

[thisfred] Send notifications to Unity Dbus messaging service

= Sharing =


Two possibilities - we need to decide between them:
* Change syncdaemon to allow rejection of shares per-machine. Expose this feature
in the desktop. To "reject a share completely", you reject it on each of your
machines. Shares no longer need to be "accepted"; they just appear on the web,
and you can choose to sync them to any machine individually.
* Expose the current "reject this share completely" u1sdtool feature in the GUI,
in the Nautilus folder right-click menu; clicking it completely rejects that
share from all your machines. Add per-machine sharing to this in N+1 and continue
to offer both these features (per-machine and per-account share rejection) at

= UDFs =


UDFs will not sync to a machine by default; it has to be enabled.

On first connecting a new machine, show the list of UDFs to give you the option
of subscribing to them.

The control panel contains a list of all your UDFs on the server to let you
subscribe to them on this machine. It would be very good if next to each
UDF was shown how large the contents of that UDF is, to compare with how much
space there is on this computer, and so the user can choose what folders he
wants to sync, but that data isn't available from the server for natty.

Merge warning when subscribing on computer B a UDF folder that was synced on
computer A.

Subscribe to a folder, unsubscribe, delete the folder (to get space), now
resubscribe: syncdaemon needs to realise that this means "download the files
again", not "I have deleted the files so delete them from the cloud".


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