Redefine membership policy for Ubuntu Bug Control

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Modify the team membership policy of Ubuntu Bug Control to restrict team membership to allow modifications of only small sets of packages and communicate the change in policy.

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Brian Murray
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This topic came up during the Bug Squad meeting on 20110505 in #ubuntu-meeting and was also discussed on the ubuntu-bugcontrol mailing list. It was brought about because a team was applying for team membership.

Points to discuss or that have been raised:
 * part of adding a team requires they have team members already in Bug Control so those members will be able to vote for their team members
 * Bug Control members won't know who else is in the team or working on what <we could require a link to the team members list. Private teams should, by default, be rejected -- hggdh>
 * a conception that team membership is for a subset of packages not all of Ubuntu
 * if a team is just going to doing one thing (assigning bugs) do they need to know everything required for being in Bug Control - it is a fair bit of work to join the team
 * the team members being knowledgeable triagers could help Ubuntu bug quality

* ubuntu devleopers are a part of ubuntu-bugcontrol already
 * shouldn't the team rules apply to them too?
* team membership could be for a limited period of time to force them to apply individually
* hardware certification would be touching a wide variety of packages
* there is no way to monitor what members of ubuntu-bugcontrol do to bugs - we end up trusting them
* there isn't a way for a community member to join the hardware certification team
* team membership applications should indicate which sets of packages they will be working on
* the bug control member who is a member of the team is responsible for the team's activity
* memberships could require endorsement from an exisiting bug control member instead of having to apply
 * this short cuts the feedback regarding applications and positive feedback and constructive criticism
* create a bug supervisor for packages in Launchpad?
 * the distribution bug supervisor could still work with those packages in launchpad

 * team membership is for a specific set of packages and they need to be indicated in the application
 * the bug control member who is a member of the team is responsible for the team's activity
 * in the event that a team wants to touch a broad range of packages each member will need to apply individually
 * it'd be neat if somebody wrote a tool to monitor team member actions
  * jibel expressed some interest in this

Work items for oneiric-alpha-1:
 * rewrite team membership policy to indicate that it is only for a specific set of packages: DONE
 * announce team membership policy to ubuntu-bugcontrol and bugsquad: DONE


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