Improving weekly release meeting and other communication channels

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Feedback on the results of the experiments we tried in precise. What worked, didn't, what we want to keep going forward.

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Kate Stewart
Ubuntu Release Team
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Kate Stewart

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Discussion from UDS 2012/05/11 -

[kate.stewart] release team meetings - feedback on experiments.
   Timing of emails. Question format.
   Template - Data for Release Notes/Technical Overview comments - shift to blueprints.
- other changes wanted?
Bugs focused on things you need help from other people.
Major changes should be mailed out by teams directly for wider communication.
Release specific ok as is.

[jibel] summary of last weeks Jenkins reports would be very helpful.
Current status and last fails.
Certification reports mailing -
Dropping a feature? how do we indicate this. - Blueprints marked not done, and after FF exception.

[kate.stewart] freeze state - pad, wiki, experiments. ? queue logging pending.
   - we wanted to keep state, collaboratively edited text file.
   - possibly need something purpose built for it.

[kate.stewart] milestone build state - pad, ?
 if improved tooling, cut down to just the todo critical list.
 looking to get a tool that triggers the rebuilds on client side, rather than cut/paste from pad.
weekly meeting


Work Items

Work items:
[kate.stewart] Create a google meeting as reminder with template in it for leads, to ensure submitted by 1900 UTC on Thursday.: DONE
[kate.stewart] remove Issues heading from DONE
[kate.stewart] stress that it is "Release as a whole" rather than individual tools in status email template: DONE
[ara] Send full cert reports to the mailing list as part of our release process. : DONE
[jibel] Send summary of jenkins auto test results as part of weekly report. : DONE
[nskaggs] Send summary of community testing results (if any) that occurred over last week as part of weekly report. : DONE
[kate.stewart] restructure archive pad, to only reference those things that are questionable. : INPROGRESS
[ubuntu-release] investigate getting bot to log into channel IRC log - good for historical. : POSTPONED
[ubuntu-release] clients -> should push to iso tracker and can give a reason. : POSTPONED
[kate.stewart] set up phone conference meeting for the freeze periods instead of G+ hangouts, so wider attendance easier: INPROGRESS

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