MOTU BOF Session

Registered by Andrew Starr-Bochicchio

MOTU's current mission has been defined as:

* Maintaining packages that do not belong in any package-sets.
* Providing guidance and training for new generalist developers.
* Extended Quality Assurance functions.

Are we living up to this mission? What plans do we want to make for the Quantal cycle?

Blueprint information

Kate Stewart
Andrew Starr-Bochicchio
Series goal:
Accepted for quantal
Beta Available
Milestone target:
milestone icon ubuntu-12.10-beta-1
Started by
Kate Stewart

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Mailing list discussion: - notes from last UDS's MOTU BOF

This is two sessions:
1st: discussion
2nd: workitems

fixit fridays worked, but they didn't keep going
MOTU still seems fairly active, so we probably shouldn't kill it off :)
People still do seem to want to be MOTUs, but many don't know how to get started.
Little initiatives, not too many meetings (ex. security team w/summary of to-dos.)
reasons we aren't using mentors yet: debdiffs, derived distribution knowledge.

Archive re-org: MOTU will still be relevant, there will always be unseeded/uncared for packages and people who are interested in maintaining a wide range of packages in the archive.

Post more regular announcements of things we are doing. Those seem to encourage activity. for sponsorship.
Provide more immediate feedback to initial contributors
Potential topics: consider...
updating current blueprints/workitems
choose future meeting times: 16:00 UTC Thursdays (starting 24 May). Alternating times?
check status of MOTU documentation/workflow
policy updates (when do packages get removed from the archive, etc)
reports from the DAT
round-table on transitions
an open forum for people with general questions about MOTU/patch workflow into Ubuntu (bhavi: can we get the motu-school started again?)
 a policy for removing abandoned universe packages (err yeah we discussed this last time...)
We should look through them and get rid the debian-multimedia bits?
Get long-term ARB apps into universe, encourage PPU, have a way to confirm that the package is still valid on a time-based basis.
spelling errors are really easy to get people started, because there's no required knowledege of the language or build systems.
Next Session:
update mission statement(?) (despite great MOTU, little team spirit)
motu school
friendly people
being able to make a difference for many people very quickly


Work Items

Work items for quantal-alpha-1:
[dholbach] Announce meeting. : DONE
[bhavi] set up a FAQ for new contributors (bhavi: is a bit dated but can be updated to include functioning of d-a-t): DONE
[andrewsomething] remove all mentions to the motu-mentors mailing list : DONE

Work items for quantal-alpha-2:
[dholbach] reach out to debian derivatives mailing list and find out if there's interest in having joint bug fixing initiatives and invite to MOTU meetings: DONE
[dholbach] Make sure packaging guide covers sponsorship processes (filed bug 996096): DONE

Work items:
[epikvision] create video tutorials??? (bhavi: dholbach videos on ubuntudevelopers channel on youtube is a bit dated): TODO
[andrewsomething] wiki.u.c/MOTU needs to be cleaned up. (it's rather outdated.): TODO
[dholbach] wiki.u.c/MOTU needs to be cleaned up. (it's rather outdated.): DONE
[motu] (micahg) Come up with a proposed policy for deprecating and removing packages in universe: TODO
[jonathan] facebook ads: DONE
[broder] facebook ads: TODO