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In Precise Beta 2, we were able to use -proposed as a staging archive for the first time. This blue print is to gather examples and use cases, as they occur during the remainder of the cycle, of what worked well, and what caused problems. Thinking is we can then get together at UDS, review the use cases, and figure out some polices to use it effecively going forward.

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20120330 KS:
   Uploading unity to -proposed, reduced a lot of risk on monday when we had to pick up the late 5.8.0 package fixes.
   Uploading compiz fix to -proposed on Tuesday, where it was waiting on GTK 3.0 (which wasn't scheduled to be included in beta 2) was problematic. Stalled the image rebuilds starting, as well as potentially building against the wrong APIs (wasn't the case but could be). Fixed by slangasek killing -proposed version, and zero change upload to - release.
ScottK: I'm not sure what this bought over using a PPA since they had to be reuploaded anyway?
slangasek: I think that's intended as a counterexample, showing how -proposed is not always the correct solution. Indeed, for that instance where we were trying to fix a bug ASAP for milestone mastering and there was only a single package affected and no binary installabilities were introduced, it would have been better to upload directly to -release in the first place.

2012-07-16 mpt: In <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributorConsole#updates> I sketched how -proposed updates could be made more visible to testers.


Work Items

Work items:
[cjwatson] ensure that builds to CURRENT/SUPPORTED distroseries get a build score bump over DEVELOPMENT/FROZEN DSes: TODO
[cjwatson] auto-rewrite <release> to <release>-proposed in archiveuploader where appropriate (initially for stable releases, eventually for everything except PPAs/partner): DONE
[mcasadevall] apt bugs (infinity to find bug number): POSTPONED
[mcasadevall] review canned messages on use of -proposed: POSTPONED
[ubuntu-release] socialize what running -proposed in development release means: DONE
retarget prior blueprint to q release, and work items work in new infrastructure: DONE
MOTU pages? other documentation? explanation of why packages don't immediately become available: POSTPONED

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