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This is not the DMB Meeting (that'll be a private meeting).

* Setting reasonable expectations to applicants
  - Some sort of self test?
  - Documentation on our requirements from endorsers?
* Disentangling membership from PPU.
* Expiring PPU rights.
* Periodic upload rights review?
* Meeting length. How can we get through applicants faster.

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Ubuntu Developer Membership Board
Ubuntu Developer Membership Board
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Accepted for quantal
Slow progress
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milestone icon ubuntu-12.10
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Kate Stewart

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We do have some applicants who are clearly not ready for the rights.
We also have applicants who would fall below any list of criteria that we provide, that we accept. Such as kernel-team applicants, which is a crazy different world.
Some endorsments haven't seen the applicants technical work.
Push back on the endorsers when this happens.
ubuntu-dev membership expires, but PPU rights don't.
We need a report on who has upload rights. Ideally include a way to see who isn't using their rights.
The CC asked is if we periodically review membership.
Our meetings can be very intimidating, esp with language issues.
Take explicit turns to take questions. o/ and ..
All the packageset teams are now owned by dmb. We still need expiry.
ubuntu-contributors. Not many (6-8) members of the team who aren't MOTU / core-dev. We could probably remove everyone else. We could encourage retired developers to move here to keep their membership.
PPU rights and membership. We sometimes have PPU applicants who don't have significant and sustained contributions in Ubuntu. Such as Debian Developres who have packages mostly in sync. We do say that "every debian developer is an ubuntu developer" but does that mean membership to someone who hasn't done much in Ubuntu and isn't really integrated in the community?
Meeting times:
    benjamin: not before 18:00 UTC
    are bad for foundations
    benjamin: not before 16:00 UTC
    ian: not 13:00 UTC - 15:00 UTC
Ask applicants to state the times that suit them best


Work Items

Work items:
[stefanor] : Dig out the person I poked and expire them: DONE
[stgraber] : A report on everyone who has upload rights ( DONE
[stefanor] : List PPU rights for expiring ~ubuntu-dev members: TODO
[developer-membership-board] : (micahg) Finish tidying up packagesets and getting descriptions from their teams: TODO
[developer-membership-board] : (micahg) Set expiry for all the packageset teams: TODO
[developer-membership-board] : (micahg) Ask the CC about PPU and membership (that is if a few uploads showing technical skill is sufficient for membership and that being a dev should automatically mean membership): INPROGRESS
[laney] : Send a link to the DMB: DONE