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Registered by Victor Tuson Palau on 2010-10-22

We need to provide better value out of the publicly available certification data

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We need to provide better value out of the publicly available certification data

- Laptops model numbers (sku's) may not be accurate with respect to internal harware across vendors

- Use case: sorry this doesn't work and this is why

- Information to Provide: BIOS, external visible hardware (fingerprint reader present vs. not for the same sku)

- Group also(?) by models -> fixed

- Certification website exposure:
  - canonical website presence - image or message
  - easier url
  - provide notification on the desktop - after install or on the live cd
    - download hardware hashes and report the certified hardware, or pop-up asking to check hash, "check to see if my system is certified" - especially for upgrades (to prevent "wifi is broken")

- Website needs to provide useful/accurate info. before more exposure

- Live CD could display the hash so consumers can test a laptop at the store, write down the hash, and go to the website to check (when internet conn. is not avail.)

- Display

- Levels of details/information:
  Level One: brand, model
  Level Two: sku, physical characteristics (sticker, visible hardware) plus instructions on how to run the live cd and check the hash
  Level Three: click a link on level two to get lspci and more detailed information

  - Could we provide a link at level 1/2 to go buy the hardware?

- Language challanges in obtaining the correct translations for the website and detailed information (translate Broadcom Webcam -> Broadcom XXXXXX <- how does this translate?)
  - Website translation is most important, first
  - Hardware is sometimes translated
  - Useful to hook into translations?
  - Translate just this website? Not for Natty?

- Make a distinction for a community certified hardware?

- Feedback for accuracy?

- Link to a forum

- Integration with launchpad, link to bugs for the hardware


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