Improving weekly release meeting

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Some features were rolled out during Oneiric to make the weekly release meetings more efficient for tracking features and bugs of interest to the release team, but more improvement is needed.
    Features via Topics in:
    Bugs of interest to release team in:

Would like to discuss elements of what is useful for each team to share, and how the round table can be made more effective for the participants.

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Kate Stewart
Kate Stewart
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Work items:
[pitti] make sure that canonical-arm gets renamed to ubuntu-arm (as it was already a release ago with the old Wi tracker): DONE
[pitti] add edubuntu-dev to status.u.c.: DONE
[kate.stewart] add a description for the ubuntu-release mailing list on DONE
[kate.stewart] mail out summary of new release meeting process and expectations.: DONE
[kate.stewart] confirm all usual participants subscribed to ubuntu-release mailing list: DONE

Discussion transcribed from

Some of the changes made in Oneiric:
- Features tracked via Topics in:
- Bugs of interest to release team in:
- Main packages flagged to teams to auto sort into dynamic reports.

As this dynamic status update happens, most of what was reported on the Agenda can be driven from these dynamic type of reports now

Some changes for Precise under discussion:
- Bugs to be fixed by each milestone tracked will now be in a new report
  instead of the rls-mgr-p-tracking-bugs.html. see:
   Bugs on the list are those committed by teams (manager/lead/defect analyst) to fix for a Milestone.
- ??

What prep should each participant do prior to roundtable:
- some teams have summaries ready to cut/paste of what's done, what's about to happen, and features - these seem to make for most questions. What info is most useful for teams to prep and share?

Audience for meeting:
- teams and questions
- overview for lurkers

* IRC Meetings are in some ways like e-mail reports, updates are basically pasted, but it *is* useful for interactive discussion
* Get rid of cut/paste dump style
* More interactive discussion. - workitem status for not just canonical

Want information prepared and read before. already links to each team's status wiki page.

GOAL: 1/2 hour meeting
Standing agenda - round table of quick teams - ask questions.
Venue for escalating to engineering & release teams, blocking bugs.

Workflow - put on report by rls-mgr-p-tracking; and then engineering team responds with rls-p-tracking for those committed to being fixed.

What needs to be on the emails prior?
 * What was done engineering wise?
 * What's about to land that might impact the other teams?
 * Summary of bugs working on by team (reasonably reliable)
 * Dependencies on other teams, blocking items
 * Issues?

 Thread per team: syntax: [team] update -- full wiki copy, not just pointer
to <email address hidden>

Due: Mail out to ubuntu-release at end of Thursday. unless just did milestone, and then mail out on Friday (cancel IRC meeting) extra on monday if something critical.

For MOTU - no reports, but attend and flag/ask questions during round table.

Info for email prior being looked for:
Hardware Cert - new failures; breakage in infrastructure from Ubuntu changes. Summary of bugs worried about.
QA - failure spikes, stats, across all teams impact.

Escalating bugs - teams

Kate to keep providing overview information at start when meeting opened.


Work Items

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* Blueprints in grey have been implemented.