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Work Items for precise-alpha-1:
[gema.gomez] Arrange for a new time slot and announce to the community the splitting of QA Team meeting and bug tracking. They will be two separate meetings: DONE
[gema.gomez] Extract the most relevant topics applicable to testing Ubuntu from ISTQB testing and document them in the wiki, refer the engineering community to the glossary: DONE
[patrickmwright] Finish Orchestra setup for kernel testing boxes in 1SS: DONE
[gema.gomez] Gather all the relevant links from the team and create a landing page for QA-Team: DONE

Work Items for precise-alpha-2:
[gema.gomez] Create a New Starters Page with links to resources and tasks: DONE
[alourie] Review and update QA wiki with all the relevant content: DONE
Update/Improve the existing ISO test cases to make them more comprehensive: DONE
[gema.gomez] Review the improved test cases: DONE
[patrickmwright] Work with DX to improve test suites and coverage: DONE
[jibel] Setup environment for desktop packages merge autolanding (idem unity autolanding DONE
[gema.gomez] Make sure that blog is syndicated to planet ubuntu: DONE

Work Items for ubuntu-12.04-beta-1:
[nskaggs] Rework the QATeam wiki and add information that is relevant to the testing we are going to be doing: DONE
[larry-e-works] Try Jenkins Email-ext plugin so ubuntu-testing-notifications refers to the public instance: DONE

Work Items for ubuntu-12.04-beta-2:
[jibel] Deploy Wubi tests in VMs in the DC: POSTPONED

* Need QA New Starters Page with links to resources and tasks (mailing lists, teams in launchpad we need to be on, how booking trips work, how jenkins work, how to get access to the machines, what machines perform which functions, pads may disappear and confidential info needs to be on the internal wiki)


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