Process review and improvments for mentoring new Bug Squad members

Registered by Brian Murray on 2011-10-21

The process of mentoring new Bug Squad members will be reviewed as will feedback from people being mentored. A redesign of the mentorship program will be discussed.

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Kate Stewart on 2011-11-22

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It was discussed at a BugSquad Meeting how the program was going : not good.
A Survey was sent to the mailing lists:
 * Mailing list message regarding the status of the mentorship program and
 * results of a survey that was sent out

 No mentees have been doing any work.
 People are willing to help but they don't know how
 IRC has been a more successful venue for communicating with people than the
mailing list
Some mentees never show up on IRC.
Questions asked privately instead of the IRC Channel.
 - General questions should go to IRC Channel, encourage mentees to do it!.
   (rather than using private messages ... private messages are okay though)
Triage is a difficult activity for beginners.
 - Have a different set of activities for new contributors ie: Look at 5 bugs
   without a package. (knowing what is right package is hard though)
- Do a weekly (?) workshop in # ubuntu-bugs (if too busy, switch to #
  ubuntu-classroom) on parts of the triaging bug process
 - The day of the workshop should rotate to make it easier for people across
   the world to attend
 - How to confirm bugs
 - How to set a bug to incomplete and subscribe to it
 - How to find bugs about package
 - How to add a bug watch
 - How to report upstream (out of scope ...)
 - How to search for duplicates.
 - Training about the package before we have a bug day about the package
 - How to add a bug task
- Make videos on bug triaging tasks on Launchpad
 - Confirm a bug: I logged, search the bug, added a comment, confirmed the
 - Require english subtitles, so loco team can start translating those.
  - see
 - Short videos though, ie : max 2 mins.

[hggdh2] close the bugsquad-mentorshipgroup-alpha: DONE
[hggdh2] email to b-mg-alpha regarding closing of the group: DONE
[brian-murray] create a video on how to confirm a bug, find best tools etc: DONE
[brian-murray] blog about the video he made: DONE
[brian-murray] send email to ubuntu-bugcontrol asking for other people to add videos: TODO
Start coordinating the workshops (put content in a central location for all of us to share): TODO
Publicizing the workshops/videos on blogs, microblogs, etc.: TODO
[hggdh2] Coordinate with UWN Team regarding publicity for the videos and workshops: INPROGRESS
[cprofitt] publicize the videos via G+ DONE


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