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 - We need an site [with a blog], similar to which the qa team uses, and other similar sites
   - DesignHub/ccHost/other ?
 - Though an official team, #ubuntu-artwork is not a core channel, inspite of it being in the ubuntu namespace.

- We need a well defined process where the community can submit requests for artwork with a reasonable expectation tasks will be worked on to achieve the desired outcome. The process must be transparent and collaboration is encouraged.

2010/10/25 UDS

A good discussion @ UDS titled "Open Source Community & Design". Gobby text: "other-community-and-design".

I believe there is a consensus on the need to track tasks and Launchpad is not the desired tool. Perhaps code from other sites like "ask.ubuntu" could be modified to satisfy this requirement as our need is immediate.

Also some discussion on similarities and differences between Artwork and Ayatana Teams.

- John

Gobby notes

?: How to differentiate artwork from Ayatana?
?: Process for contributions needs to be made more transparent.
Thorsten Wilms: Not only briefings, also guidance.
Ivanka Majic: What about the artwork wiki? Very inappropriate tool.
Ivanka: Letting the community do tasks feels weird.
?: The design blog is a way to publish what they are doing.
?: Community artwork is largely ignored. Artwork team has no web presence.

tracking tasks
depends on what is needed in the contribution levels

structiures in other community teams
all local teams feed into and set up collborTION

What does the wiki need/not need?
editing for all artwork doesnt work

Team interactivity
if you have a design gOAL: would the design team be working with the artwork team or not?
what is the next level of integration of the offical team?
two mailing lists

example of the beginners list

move away from the wiki
introduce visual and interaction design

ayatanna mailing list
-funneling stuff into lots of different ecosystems
-not directly influence just the ubuntu desktop
-it has become moregenerallized over time

Ayatann could be the umbrella that covers several factions of design
-ui design, artwork, etc

What about accessibility? It has to be taken care of in the design process.

Would a site to mange tasks, a wiki for docs, and a third to manage submissions be too much?

Start a web presence project
..existing questionaire
..Describe problem
..Conduct survey
..gather data about lapsed members

2. Define our objective
3. Sketch solutions
4. Test and iterate
5. Launch

[ivanka] design a questionaire : TODO
[iain-farrell] Set up fortnightly meetings - liaise with docmo on this : TODO
[doctormo] move the existing questionaire to a central place : TODO
[ivanka] email the loco team leaders the survey : TODO
[ivanka] publicize the survey- on blogs, lists, design blog, u-artlist local, contacts list, Flickr group : TODO

What we have after 3 two week sprints is what we go with and can iterate

Project broken up into four sprints (2 weeks each)

1st Sprint
1. Review data in central place
2. Design questionnaire

2nd Sprint
1. Get survey out there and receive input


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