Design a safe and stable build cluster for public ARM PPAs based on the OMAP4 Pandaboard

Registered by Oliver Grawert on 2010-10-15

With the availability of the TI OMAP4 Pandaboard, hardware is available to make it possible to set up a buildd cluster for public PPAs on launchpad. This spec is proposed to design a safe and stable hard and software implementation for this setup.

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David Mandala
Oliver Grawert
David Mandala
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David Mandala
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David Mandala

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Work Items: (natty-alpha-1):
[davidm] Contact Board Designer, determine if Panda Board daughter card feasible: DONE
[davidm] Locate vendor of snap in Ethernet jacks: DONE
[davidm] Locate vendor for cable harnes assemblies: DONE
[davidm] Get 2+ dead Panda boards from TI to setup space testing for cable harness and case work.: DONE
[davidm] Build a fake stack of 10 Panda boards with fake daughter cards for case sizing: DONE
[davidm] Design at a block diagram level the Panda Board daughter Card: DONE
[davidm] Hand off rough design to Board Designer for schematic level design: DONE
[davidm] Order Panda Boards: DONE

Work Items:
[davidm] Order Laptop Hard Drives: TODO
[davidm] Contact Compute Case manufacture to have custom case designed and built: INPROGRESS
[davidm] Contact Custom Cable House to have custom wiring harness designed and built: TODO
[davidm] Determine bill of materials (BOM) for PPA Server: INPROGRESS
[davidm] Order screws, washers, bolts to assemble PPA server: TODO
[davidm] Receive all Boards, and parts needed to assemble first test server: TODO
[davidm] Order 4 hand made boards Panda Daughter Cards for initial testing: TODO
[davidm] Order 20 standard construction boards Panda Daughter Cards for assembly testing: TODO
[davidm] Order 100 Panda Daughter Cards: TODO
[davidm] Assemble first server, taking pictures and video of process: TODO
[davidm] Write assembly manual so that anyone can order and build a PPA server stack: TODO
[davidm] Breakdown cluster server and ship to UK data center: TODO
[nafallo] Reassemble cluster server, bench test: TODO
[nafallo] Install into the UK data center: TODO
[lamont] Test in the UK data center: TODO
[lamont] Live deployment buildd and PPA: TODO
[ogra] Create the SD img file that should be used to boot (x-loader, u-boot, kernel and initrd): TODO
[ogra] Create proper initrd that will erase and create a brand new rootfs over the external disk: TODO
[ogra] Create minimal arm rootfs that works with all launchpad requirements: TODO


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