Design a safe and stable build cluster for public ARM PPAs based on the OMAP4 Pandaboard

Registered by Oliver Grawert

With the availability of the TI OMAP4 Pandaboard, hardware is available to make it possible to set up a buildd cluster for public PPAs on launchpad. This spec is proposed to design a safe and stable hard and software implementation for this setup.

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David Mandala
Oliver Grawert
David Mandala
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David Mandala
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David Mandala

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Work Items: (natty-alpha-1):
[davidm] Contact Board Designer, determine if Panda Board daughter card feasible: DONE
[davidm] Locate vendor of snap in Ethernet jacks: DONE
[davidm] Locate vendor for cable harnes assemblies: DONE
[davidm] Get 2+ dead Panda boards from TI to setup space testing for cable harness and case work.: DONE
[davidm] Build a fake stack of 10 Panda boards with fake daughter cards for case sizing: DONE
[davidm] Design at a block diagram level the Panda Board daughter Card: DONE
[davidm] Hand off rough design to Board Designer for schematic level design: DONE
[davidm] Order Panda Boards: DONE

Work Items:
[davidm] Order Laptop Hard Drives: TODO
[davidm] Contact Compute Case manufacture to have custom case designed and built: INPROGRESS
[davidm] Contact Custom Cable House to have custom wiring harness designed and built: TODO
[davidm] Determine bill of materials (BOM) for PPA Server: INPROGRESS
[davidm] Order screws, washers, bolts to assemble PPA server: TODO
[davidm] Receive all Boards, and parts needed to assemble first test server: TODO
[davidm] Order 4 hand made boards Panda Daughter Cards for initial testing: TODO
[davidm] Order 20 standard construction boards Panda Daughter Cards for assembly testing: TODO
[davidm] Order 100 Panda Daughter Cards: TODO
[davidm] Assemble first server, taking pictures and video of process: TODO
[davidm] Write assembly manual so that anyone can order and build a PPA server stack: TODO
[davidm] Breakdown cluster server and ship to UK data center: TODO
[nafallo] Reassemble cluster server, bench test: TODO
[nafallo] Install into the UK data center: TODO
[lamont] Test in the UK data center: TODO
[lamont] Live deployment buildd and PPA: TODO
[ogra] Create the SD img file that should be used to boot (x-loader, u-boot, kernel and initrd): TODO
[ogra] Create proper initrd that will erase and create a brand new rootfs over the external disk: TODO
[ogra] Create minimal arm rootfs that works with all launchpad requirements: TODO


Work Items

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