Make OOo more modular to save space on the distribution cd

Registered by Chris Cheney

We would like to reduce the amount of space required on the cd by

One possible way would be to not have to ship on the distribution cd to save space since it pulls in various Java packages. Matthias has mentioned some of the other parts of OOo also require java so how much space this save will need to be investigated. Also, not having installed causes various parts of writer and calc to crash when attempted to be used. It appears that some, if not all, crashes can be resolved by having some of the libraries in installed on the system without the entirety of the package installed. So we need to investigate what is needed to allow the rest of to function properly with a reduced version of on the cd. Otherwise if this can not be resolved sufficiently by including libraries into a reduced package we will need to catch the error and display a message to the user to install

For example:
Bug #24975
Bug #52847
Bug #117648
Bug #134276



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