open-vm-tools: Backport from Debian unstable, add Ubuntu changes

Registered by Nate Muench (Mink)

I plan on adding all changes from the Debian unstable merge, but maintaining some of the existing additions from the Oneiric merge.

I'm doing a partial backport from Debian because they are now uploading devel versions again, and I want to integrate some of Daniel's changes (like his new e-mail address) since my last proposal was rejected (apparently I didn't add the source tar properly to the branch).

I have subscribed the Ubuntu Visualization Team to this branch so that they can see my progress and give their input.

I want to get the the October merge (with my changes) to build (and test) successfully before adding the November (and eventually the December) release.

The plan is to have this packaging tested and the proposal created sometime around the release of Alpha 2.

Daily builds can be found here (for Oneiric and Precise):


Planned Stuff that will remain from the Oneiric merge:
-Remove the redundant manpages that were removed
 *Done, Revision 3
   +toolbox manpage didn't need to be removed, it was done already, but not indicated in Debian changelog
-The Ubuntu additions from the Natty release merge (I don't how much will be added/removed)

Things from the Debian merge that will be removed (or altered) for the eventual merge:
-Remove the Debian stable numbering (aka 2:8.8.0+ part of the version number), for consistency.
 *Done, Revision 4
   +Changed numbering in my changelog entry.

Build status against current version of Kernel:
 *July Release (Currently in Precise): Failure, see bug #898289
 *October Release (Currently in Debian sid): Failure
 *November Release: Failure (because of vmhgfs)
 *December Release: Successful build (Finally), will finalize prep branch and create proposal next week

Other changes:
-Re-add open-vm-source, but make it a transitional package back to toolbox.
 *I didn't know what Debian would do at the time because they still had 8.4.2 stable in their repos when I originally created the merge proposal for Oneiric.
  +Done, might reword description of the transitional package

-Return open-vm-toolbox to normal package status (use open-vm-source to transition it back).
 *It will lessen the headache of adding the debian stuff into the package.
 *Also gives us options if we split open-vm-tools into Server-only (open-vm-tools) and Desktop-only (open-vm-toolbox or open-vm-tools-gui) packages.

-Compare Debian and Ubuntu deb packages to see what's different (to a degree)
 *Will allow me to make necessary changes to debian/rules
   +Since most of the contents of the file have been removed
     -Done, I think I got most of what needs to be readded.

-Fix build failure with Precise
 *Done, Revision 24. Issues building with newer glib.

-Fix issue with vmware-user.desktop not installing correctly.
 *Ubuntu thinks it's both in the open-vm-tools & open-vm-toolbox packages.
   +Done (I think), Revision 27

-Create (and add) patch to fix typo within dkms.conf file (brought up in a Debian bug report).
 *Done, Revision 28

-Have DKMS build & install modules during install
 *My knowledge about DKMS is very limited, so I'll let Broder or someone from the Ubuntu Virtual team take care of it in a future update. That or wait until Debian takes care of it.
  +(1-12-12) It was done already in the original Ubuntu packaging, but didn't include it in merge proposal because I realized this fact after creating the proposal. Will take care either in the January release or, if requested, as an 1ubuntu2 revision.

-Add Debian's November and December pushes
 *I'll replace the dkms patch (with theirs), from the December release.. I'll also add the procps patch (from the November release), but not enable it because Ubuntu doesn't have procps 3.3.1 in the repos yet.
  +Done, Revision 46

Other Notes
I added a recipe (my first one) to my code branch, it will allow me to track progress in package (DEB) form. It will also allow me to see if files were added/put into the correct place (mainly in the tools & toolbox packages).

The recipe is set to build daily, successful builds will be copied to my Virtual Test PPA, but wouldn't recommend installing them on a system just yet. When they are, I'll create (and upload) proper source packaging (dsc, debian.tar.gz, and a orig.tar.gz), and upload them to the Virtual Test PPA (my standard revision numbering is there (-0~ppa1)), and cancel the daily builds.

After doing a test merging, I'm not going to include the Debian (individual) changelog entries, the stable numbering in the version caused some issues. So I'm going to add a section in my changelog noting what's backported from Debian.

For my prep branch (since I didn't do tags (saves on download length and I have no use)), I'm going to add the November packaging (to the prep branch) via diff file. When I do the actual proposal, I'll properly add it, and do a diff of the debian folder (without the changelog).


Work Items

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