Integrating quality free/libre/open fonts to allow everyone to enjoy Ubuntu in their mother-tongue/native script

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We are at a turning point in terms of free/libre/open fonts. Various teams in the community are creating and releasing high-quality fonts under community-approved free licenses like the OFL. Languages lacking font support are now starting to be supported. The font design toolkit is getting mature and collaboration methodologies specifically adapted to font design are being worked out. We need to make sure the growing body of non-restricted fonts is well-tested, well-integrated in the free desktop in order to make the i18n and L10n support stellar for as many languages as possible. The free desktop shouldn't have to depend on restricted fonts or older font technologies: the next generation of "smart fonts" offering support for complex scripts needs to be integrated with the other writing systems components. Proprietary OSes are refreshing their font offerings and Ubuntu (and the free desktop at large) needs to offer similar if not better support for high-quality fonts and languages using complex scripts. Think Gutenberg and his "movable type" in the context of Free Software: font sources we can re-arrange freely in a more flexible way to produce better results for everyone.

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As the open font community grows and more open fonts are released, various packages are synced from the upstream Debian fonts team: and are being added as dependencies to language packs.

The Go for OFL! community campaign provides resources to advocate releasing more open fonts to designers so that Ubuntu users can enjoy quality fonts in their preferred script:


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