Ubuntu should have only one gnome panel (bottom) like new Suse 10.1

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I think that Ubuntu should have only one gnome panel (bottom) like new Suse 10.1

Default Suse 10.1 has only one gnome panel with menu "Applications" "Places" "System". Similar to KDE and Windows.

It's important for new users which like similarity to good known Windows and for businessmen who decide is linux good for company or not (because it hav'nt standard look and is different from good known Windows). Advanced users can switch on two panels.

Screenshoots (Suse 10.1 desktop):

If you want, you can change the long names of menus "Applications" "Places" "System" to shorter "Applications" "Actions" (like older Gnome) to save the space on bottom panel (but it's not necessary because people buy new monitors with higher resolutions, in future 16:9)

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Other user opinion (PiotrUsewicz): "I think that Ubuntu team should reconsider having two panels (top and bottom). While bottom panel is OK, the top one just seems a bit too much. The most annoying thing is that you can't simply move your mouse to the top right corner to close the applications, as there is no close button. What is more, this is not OS X where you can close a window using keyboard. Ubuntu Desktop should be redesigned to gain more working space and improve general system usability. Remember that vertical space of screen is smaller, much smaller than horizontal one, especially on 16:9 screens."

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Also consider an option to "shrink" the "Places" and "System" menus onto the Applications menu. Why?

1) This makes it more Windows like

2) It would make it more feasible to have a single panel which includes the task bar (like windows)

I really find with my wide screen on my laptop, having 2 panels is annoying especially for programming and photo editing where I need as much screen real estate as possible. However because I can't shrink the "Applications Places System" down to something quite a bit smaller (A single icon would be nice), I can't merge what's on my two panels.

-- Can't you just rearrange it? And I really like that Ubuntu doesn't look like Windows.

-- You can already do it - you can add to Gnome panel the alternative version of the menu which is a single Ubuntu icon (it's called "main menu", not "menu bar"). --AzraelNightwalker

On Sep 22, 2007 John Peterson wrote:
Maybe the user could be presented with a few different toolbar layouts to choose from when installing Ubuntu, but default to the familiar Windows layout.

Why should Ubuntu emulate Windows? It's not the epitome of usablilty.

I don't think the main argument here is to make Ubuntu more like windows. Nor should it be that Ubuntu should be different from Windows. The main reason to have 1 task bar instead of 2 is to make more screen real estate available. As noted, this is particularly noticeable on 16:9 format screens - especially laptops that have smaller wide screens than desktops.

I acknowledge that it's possible to add/remove task bars, but this misses the point. It's just as easy/difficult to add task bars as it is to remove them.

 ** The question should be what is the most sensible *default* setup? **

People make judgements based on first impressions. A new Ubuntu user is not going to know how to reconfigure the task bars. However they will immediately notice the drop in screen real estate if they have moved from Windows to Ubuntu on a 16:9 laptop (as I did). This is a negative first impression and should be avoided.

optevo (20 October 2007)

If you ask me it would be best to let the user make the decision. There should be a easy to use configuration wizard that starts directly after the installation. It would be best to have a few preconfigurated systems (like old ubuntu, windows like, kde like an mac os x like) and the option for advanced users to set every option seperatly.



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