Provide an offline tool that generates an installed image for physcial installation.

Registered by Emmet Hikory on 2008-11-20

Create fancy images to work around lack of generic install environment.

Some systems cannot effectively boot off remote devices (e.g. USB, optical drive), and may only have facilities for a single block device to be installed. For these systems, there would be advantage to being able to run an offline tool to install a system to a secondary disk on a running system or to an image file. In some cases, the running system may not match the target architecture, and so an optimal solution would be able to construct an installed system in an architecture-neutral way, perhaps based on a live image.

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Emmet Hikory
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Emmet Hikory on 2009-01-20
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David Mandala on 2011-05-26

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[nijaba] Could we see how this could be linked to which seems to target the same end result?

[persia] I don't see these as the same end result. This spec is about having an interface to prepare an installation from a foreign system (perhaps even a different architecture). vmbuilder-iso-and-usb-support seems to be about creating a livefs environment around constructed VM images. vmbuilder itself is an interesting candidate to use for this blueprint, although the current implementation expects a chroot in which processes can execute, which breaks some of the assumptions required for offline-installer.

[ogra] There is a script linked from that provides teh functionallity, for 9.10 vm-builder will be taken into account as a replacement. A GUI tool will be developed out of distro in a PPA to be added to the 9.10 release. If vm-builder is a possible backend for this the GUI will be designed with the option to use it as a backend in mind... setting to beta available

[ogra] this spec is now obsoleted by


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